Cook Lunch From Scratch In 10 Minutes With These 10 Hacks

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I have a confession to make.

During lockdown, I’ve been working through my lunch break. Or running into the kitchen for tinned soup or crisps before rushing straight back to my desk.

I know, I know. It needs to stop. Especially since the kitchen is right there! Luckily here at Gousto, we have a whole library of 10 minute recipes that are full of quick-cooking ingredients to reduce your cooking time.

Here are 7 that I’ll be adding to my shopping list, and the recipes that inspired them.

Ready-to-heat lentils

Ready-to-heat lentil pouches are key to this decadent 10 minute Black Lentil Dal in a creamy coconut sauce, served with a naan and tomato salad.

And while you’re at the shops, pick up a second bag, so you can make this 10-Min Feta, Asparagus & Lentil Salad later in the week and take advantage of in-season British asparagus.


Tinned chickpeas absorb delicious flavours so quickly. If you have some in, cook them up with onions, curry powder, mango chutney and tomatoes and make this plant-based Chickpea, Spinach and Coconut Curry. So easy and almost all the ingredients are from the store cupboard!

For more recipe inspiration like this, check out our blog post 10 Simple Feasts You Can Whip Up From Tins

Curry paste

Did you know a delicious Chicken Tikka Masala can be simmered up in 10 minutes? Neither did I! The secret is a great quality tikka curry paste, full of delicious mild yet fragrant spices. If you don’t want to use clotted cream, double cream works great too.

Leftover bread

Nothing says lunch like a Ploughman’s. So instead of binning that stale bread, slice it into cubes, bake with a drizzle of olive oil and chuck them into this easy, cheesy 10 minute Ham Hock Ploughman’s recipe with a chutney dressing. Marvellous!


Soft, tasty and so comforting, pre-made gnocchi lends itself perfectly to fast, easy yet indulgent lunches. Throw a packet into this 10 minute Garlic Mushroom Sage Gnocchi, and let the pasta absorb all those creamy, deeply savoury flavours. Delicious!

Beef mince

If you heat your pan on high, these caramelised Sticky Asian Beef Wraps come together in just 10 minutes – including the crisp cucumber, lime-sesame drizzle and carrot garnish. Perfect finger food.

Fine egg noodles

Rustle up a fast, punchy stir fry whilst your egg noodles soak in boiled water, like in this delicious 10 minute Nutty Bang Bang Stir-Fry. Then just throw them together, drizzle with sauce, and prove that you truly are the master of multitasking.

Udon noodles

Because they’re pre-cooked, you can throw these chewy noodles into a punchy stir fry like our 10 minute Veggie Udon & Sesame Fried Egg, or soup noodle dish without even thinking.



Everyone knows couscous is ready in an instant. But do you know how to make it taste out of this world? In 10 minutes? First, start with this Coriander Chicken, Couscous & Yoghurt with tender zesty chicken breast and minty yoghurt – it’s perfect hot or cold.

Next whip up a Sicilian Haddock Stew & Lemony Couscous for a olive and haddock laden stew fuelled with a hit of bold, Mediterranean flavour. Bellissimo!

Ready-to-heat rice

With a pouch of rice, you can cook cuisines from around the world! So start your week of culinary delights in Thailand, with this 10-Min Meat-Free Mince Thai Larb that balances herbs, citrus, umami and punchy spice. Next stop Spain with this 10 minute One-Pot Chorizo & Tomato Rice on your way to Louisiana for this Cajun-style Blackened Salmon Bowl With Corn & Feta.


Will you try any of these recipes during your lunch break? Or will you stick to something easy, like toasties and tinned soup?

Let us know how you’re getting on and what you’re cooking by tagging us @goustocooking, or commenting below!


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