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How Gousto works

+ - What is Gousto?

Gousto is a recipe box company. We make it simple to cook good food at home, delivering easy-to-follow recipes and perfectly measured ingredients, right to your door. No nasties, no waste, just good food all round.

+ - Getting started

Select ‘Get Started’ on our homepage: www.gousto.co.uk. We’ll ask you a few questions to help you build your first box and make sure we can deliver to you (don’t worry, you can change these details later).

You’ll then see our menu, with over 20 recipes each week to choose from. Once you’ve picked (a minimum of two) recipes, select ‘Checkout’ to create an account, confirm your delivery address and pay for you box. It’ll only take a minute or two!   

+ - The menu

Our menu has over 20 recipes to choose from. We change our menu on Tuesdays, adding plenty of new recipes every week! 

You can choose to view all recipes, or select a recipe collection from the top of the menu to help you find what you’re looking for. We have the following recipe collections: Our Top Picks, Speedy, Vegetarian, Boost & Balance, World Food, Family Friendly, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free. 

We also highlight special features for some of the recipes on our menu. These features are:

· Fine Dine In: these recipes use premium speciality ingredients, classic sides and indulgent European flavours to create a home-dining experience that’s extra special. They cost a little more (an extra £2.50 per serving), but they’re worth it.  

· 1 pot: you’ll only need one pot to make these recipes (so there’s less washing up!).

· 2/5 a day: these recipes contain 2 of the 5 recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables.

· 3/5 a day: these recipes contain 3 of the 5 recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables.

· 15 min prep: most of the preparation for these recipes is done in 15 minutes, then the rest is easy!

· Fuss free: these recipes won’t take much time or hassle to prepare.

· Good for lunch: these recipes work just as well as lunches or evening meals.

· Good for kids: these recipes are designed with kids in mind. They’re family favourites, without too much chilli or spices.

· Good to freeze: these are our best recipes for freezing to eat later. Make sure they have cooled to room temperature within an hour of cooking before you freeze them, and use within one month of freezing. When reheating, make sure the meal is piping hot before serving.

· Good to reheat: you can cook these recipes in advance to reheat when you want to eat them.

· Super speedy: it takes 20 minutes or less to cook two servings of these recipes.  

· Whole grain: these recipes use whole grain ingredients (such as black rice, brown rice, bulgur or wheat berries).

Please note: Make sure the cooked recipe cools to room temperature as quickly as possible before refrigerating, reheat and consume no later than 48 hours after cooking.

+ - Pricing

The price of your recipe box will depend on how many recipes you choose, and whether you want them for 2 people or 4 people. The more you order, the less you’ll pay per portion!

Our standard delivery is free, but we do also offer morning deliveries (8am–12pm) and evening deliveries (7pm–10pm) in some parts of the UK for £2.99.

+ - The Gousto Market

The Gousto Market is full of little extras that you can add to your recipe box, including bottles of wine, baking kits, quality chocolate, artisan snacks and handy cooking utensils.

You’ll be taken to the Market automatically once you’ve chosen your recipes on the Gousto app or website.

If you already have an upcoming delivery, log into your account, head to the ‘Deliveries’ tab and select ‘Shop Extras’ on an order to see the Market. You can add extras from the Market to your order until noon, 3 days before your chosen delivery date – this is when we start processing your order.


+ - What is the Gousto Cookbook?

Our Cookbook is an online home for all of our recipes, and you can view it at any time! It has hundreds of recipes to browse, by cuisine, to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

You can see the Gousto Cookbook at: www.gousto.co.uk/cookbook.   


+ - How many recipes can I choose?

You can enjoy up to 4 recipes in each Gousto box (but you’ll need to choose at least 2 in order to check out).  

If you’d like more than 4 recipes in a week, no problem – order a second (or even a third!) box for later in the week.

+ - Are Gousto's recipes suitable for children?

Absolutely! We have a selection of family favourite recipes on the menu each week, which use a little less chilli and other spices, but are still packed with interesting flavours and textures. To see these recipes, select the Family Friendly tab at the top of our menu.

Children with more adventurous taste buds may like some of the other recipes on our menu as well! You’re in control of what goes into every meal, so you can customise any recipe to suit your family’s tastes.

+ - How long do the recipes take to cook?

Cooking times vary for each recipe, but all of our recipes take between 15 and 60 minutes.

The cooking time for each recipe is visible on the menu, on your recipe cards, and in the Gousto Cookbook. We show cooking times for 2 people and for 4 people on all our recipes.

+ - What cooking equipment do I need?

You’ll need pots and pans for most recipes, plus kitchen basics like a chopping board and sharp knife. 

We’ll let you know if you need any special equipment in the full recipe information (you can view this by clicking a recipe image or title on the menu), as well as on each recipe card.

Additional cooking equipment may include the following: baking paper, blender, cling film, food processor, pestle & mortar, tin foil, oven-proof pan, rolling pin.

+ - Nutritional information

We calculate our nutritional information based only on the ingredients that we deliver, before cooking. The cooking process varies from person to person – one person’s ‘splash’ of oil could be another person’s ‘glug’.

Any additional ingredients added at home (listed under ‘What you’ll need’ for each of our recipes) will affect the total values.

+ - Why are recipes sometimes 'out of stock'?

Our recipes can sometimes be more popular than we expect. To prevent disappointing a customer after placing an order, we keep the menu up to date to show you what's available (and let you know when there are only a few left).

If you have your heart set on a recipe that's out of stock, try a different delivery day – we regularly restock throughout the week!


+ - Does Gousto have gluten-free recipes?

Yes – we have a collection of gluten-free recipes on the menu every week. Complying with European Union regulations, these are suitable for coeliacs and those intolerant to gluten.

+ - Does Gousto have dairy-free recipes?

Yes – we have a collection of dairy-free recipes available on the menu each week. These are made with ingredients that naturally do not contain dairy, including seasonal vegetables, 100% British meat, quality seafood and fresh herbs.

+ - Are Gousto's recipes halal?

We don’t use halal meat in our recipes at the moment, but we still have a great selection of fish, seafood and vegetarian recipes to choose from each week.

+ - Are your gluten-free recipes suitable for coeliacs?

Yes. All the ingredients used in our Gluten Free recipe collection contain less than 20mg/kg of gluten, complying with European Union regulations. They are suitable for coeliacs and those intolerant to gluten.

+ - I'm vegetarian. Will Gousto work for me?

Yes! We have eight varied, balanced and tasty vegetarian recipes on the menu every week. We base this category on The Vegetarian Society’s definition of a vegetarian. This range is suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians (the most common type of vegetarian diet), as some recipes include dairy, honey and/or eggs (or ingredients containing eggs, such as egg noodles or mayonnaise). If you want to exclude dairy, honey and/or eggs we recommend our Plant-Based recipes. Click the ‘Vegetarian’ or ‘Plant-Based’ tab at the top of the menu to filter recipes.

If you’re subscribed to Gousto and want to make sure you only receive vegetarian recipes (even if you forget to choose your recipes one week), log into your account, select the ‘Subscription’ tab and tick the ‘I am a vegetarian’ box. This will let us know not to send you non-vegetarian dishes.

+ - Why do Fine Dine In recipes cost more than other recipes?

While all of Gousto’s recipes use quality fresh ingredients, including 100% British meat, responsibly sourced fish and free-range eggs, our Fine Dine In recipes include premium cuts, classic sides and indulgent European flavours to create a cooking and dining experience that’s extra special. 

For a supplement (starting from £2.49 per serving extra), you’ll get a gourmet-style dining experience, with speciality ingredients like 21-day aged rump steak, British duck, monkfish and heritage carrots, and learn impressive cooking techniques – make Bordelaise sauce, salmon ‘en croûte’ and much more.

+ - What's the Joe Wicks Range?

We have partnered with Joe Wicks to get UK families cooking healthy, tasty food at home.

Every week from January there will be a minimum of four Joe Wicks recipes available to add to your usual order. From family meals with up to 4 of your 5-a-day, to healthier takeaway-style dinners, there’s a range of choice that’ll delight a whole household.

All recipes use lean proteins and contain at least one of your five-a-day. There are low-carb options as well as plant-based and vegetarian. 

+ - What is the Everyday Favourites range?

Everyday Favourites are recipes you know and love. Easy to make, delicious to eat, they’ll fill the hungriest tummy whilst satisfying the fussiest eater. Best of all, they’re firm fixtures on the Gousto menu, contain at least 2 of your 5-a-day, and start from less than £3 per person.


+ - Gousto's sourcing policy

We’re committed to creating meaningful long-term relationships with trusted farmers, producers and suppliers who care about quality and sustainability as much as we do, and who share our values. 

Before we start working with a new supplier, they must go through a tough process of vetting to make sure they meet our high standards for quality and sustainability.

We regularly visit our suppliers to make sure they continue to meet our standards, and to learn about new ingredients we could use in our recipes.

+ - Meat & poultry

We only use 100% British fresh meat in our recipes (and always will). Currently we use the following meat in our recipes:

  • Beef: Red Tractor and Quality Standard Mark Assured.   
  • Lamb: Red Tractor and Quality Standard Mark Assured.
  • Chicken: Red Tractor Assured.
  • Pork: Red Tractor and British Quality Assured.
+ - Vegetables

We use as much seasonal British produce as possible in our recipes, such as asparagus and cauliflower. However, to make sure our menus are consistently varied and interesting throughout the year, we also source vegetables from overseas when necessary.   

We’re proud to have a wide range of different vegetables in our recipes, from local classics to specialist choices including Romano peppers, pak choi, Tenderstem® broccoli and baby kale.

We take care to ensure your vegetables are as fresh as possible when they arrive in your box. We do occasionally pre-prepare some vegetables for convenience (such as butternut squash, which can take time to peel and chop), however these should still arrive fresh and in good condition.

+ - Fish & seafood

We take great care to make sure that all of our fish and seafood is responsibly sourced. Currently, we use the following fish and seafood in our recipes:

  • Cod: MSC certified; sourced from Norway/Iceland/Russia/Canada.
  • Sea Bass/Sea Bream: sourced from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece/Turkey.
  • Haddock: MSC certified; sourced from the northeast Atlantic Ocean.
  • Mackerel: sourced from the northeast Atlantic Ocean.
  • Tinned tuna: hand-caught by line & pole (never from nets); sourced from the East Atlantic Ocean.
  • Salmon: sourced from Scotland/Norway.
  • Basa: sourced from Vietnam.
  • Crab: caught and hand-picked in Penzance, Cornwall.
  • Prawns: Product is frozen immediately after catch – do not refreeze; sourced from the Indian Ocean.
  • Jumbo Prawns: Wild caught in the South East Atlantic
  • Scallops: Wild caught in the South East Atlantic
+ - Dairy

Some of the cheeses supplied in our recipes – such as our halloumi from Cyprus and our feta from Greece – have PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status, meaning they have to be from a specific location and made in a certain way.

All of our dairy is vegetarian friendly – any rennet used isn’t animal based – as well as being made with pasteurised milk.  

All our yoghurt is organic, hailing from Yeo Valley in Somerset.

+ - Can you freeze Gousto ingredients and recipes?

For uncooked ingredients:

When you unpack your box, put all meat and seafood in the fridge, or in the freezer (except prawns) if you’d like to cook them later.

For cooked recipes:

Make sure these recipes have cooled to room temperature within an hour of cooking before you freeze them, and use within one month of freezing.

When reheating, make sure the meal is piping hot before serving (if you have a thermometer, this will be 75°C).

Please note: Make sure you defrost meat and fish fully in the fridge or microwave before cooking. Never refreeze them once defrosted, and cook within 24 hours of defrosting. Refreezing foods can affect texture and food safety, so it’s really important to follow these guidelines carefully.

+ - ‘Use within’ dates

You can find out how long you have to cook your meals by looking at our menu or the confirmation email that we send you the day before your delivery is due e.g. 'Use within 6–7 days' refers to the number of days you will have from the day after your box arrives to cook a recipe.

This is just a guide to help make sure you have enough time to cook all of your recipes but the products are clearly marked with a use by date so you don’t forget.

It’s super important to us that no food goes to waste so we welcome your suggestions.

+ - Do I need any of my own ingredients?

You may need a few basic ingredients from your own kitchen as you prepare your recipes. These include: salt, pepper, butter, flour, sugar, olive oil, vegetable oil and milk. We let you know on your recipe cards if you need any of these.

+ - Allergen information

In addition to the recipe specific allergen information provided for each recipe on our website and physical recipe cards, due to production and packing methods Gousto boxes may also contain low levels of the following allergens: Fish; Eggs; Soya; Sesame; Sulphites; Mustard; Nuts; Peanuts; Gluten; Milk; Crustaceans; Molluscs; Celery


+ - When does Gousto deliver?

We deliver seven days a week (very handy). You can choose a delivery day that fits in with your life. Delivery is free, and your recipe box arrives between 8am–7pm. In some areas, you can also choose morning delivery (before noon) or evening delivery (6pm–10pm), for a small charge.  

Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer smaller delivery windows as, in order to lower the carbon footprint of our recipe boxes, we use external couriers who are already delivering to your area.

+ - Where does Gousto deliver?

We’re pleased to say we’re growing fast, and now deliver to much of the mainland UK. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to deliver to these postcodes:

  • AB30–AB39, AB41–AB45, AB51–AB56, AB99

  • BT

  • FK18–FK21

  • GY

  • HS1–HS9

  • IM

  • IV1– IV28, IV30–IV32, IV36, IV40–IV49, IV51–IV56, IV63

  • JE

  • KA27–KA28

  • KW1–KW3, KW5–KW17

  • PA20– PA38, PA41–PA49, PA60–PA78, PA80

  • PH15– PH26, PH30–PH44, PH49–PH50

  • PO30–PO41

  • TR21–TR25

  • ZE1–ZE3 

We’re sorry if we’re not able to deliver to your area at the moment. Please check back with us, as we’re expanding all the time. We hope to be able to deliver to you soon.

+ - What if I'm not at home?

No problem! Lots of people aren’t home when we deliver. Life’s busy, so simply let us know a safe place we can leave your box if you’re not in (behind the gate, with a neighbour, etc.) and our delivery drivers will leave it there for you to collect when you get home.

To do this, log into your account on our website or app, select the ‘Details’ tab and then edit a delivery address. You will see a box titled ‘If you’re not in where should we leave your box?’ – pick an option from the drop-down list, or select ‘Other’ to write your own safe place to leave your box.

We use ice packs and biodegradable Woolcool in our boxes, which help to keep your fresh food cool, even when you’re not around.

+ - Edit my delivery information

If you want to change your delivery information, such as your address or place to leave your box if you’re not in, log into your account on our website or app, select the ‘Details’ tab and then select ‘Edit’ next to the address you wish to change.  

You can also update your payment information, billing address and personal details on this page.

+ - Late deliveries

For free deliveries, your recipe box should arrive between 8am–7pm. If you’ve paid for morning delivery, your box should arrive before noon. If you’ve paid for evening delivery, your box should arrive between 6pm and 10pm.

If your box is late, please use the 'Get in touch' button at the bottom of this page to let our Customer Care team know – they will be happy to help!

They will contact our logistics manager, who will investigate the matter. We take any issues with our delivery very seriously, so we appreciate you letting us know on the rare occasions that this happens.

In the unlikely event that your box arrives the day after you were expecting it, please dispose of the box. Your ingredients are perishable and may not be suitable for consumption – we don’t want to risk your safety!

Unpacking your box

+ - Box contents

Here’s what to expect in your Gousto recipe box:

  • Recipe cards – with easy-to-follow instructions for how to cook each of your recipes.

  • All the ingredients for your chosen recipes (except a few basics like oil and salt), including chilled produce, fresh vegetables and herbs, spices, condiments and more.

  • Any extras from the Gousto Market that you added to your order (such as wine, chocolate, kitchen equipment, etc.).

  • From time to time, we’ll pop in a little gift as a treat – we’ll label these so you know it’s not there by mistake!

If it’s your first box, you will also get a copy of our Welcome Booklet, which is full of tips and advice to help you get the most out of your recipe box.


+ - Storage information

For your fridge:

  • Ingredients from your cool bag.

  • Fruit and leafy vegetables.

  • Fresh herbs (except basil – it doesn’t like the cold!).

For your cupboard:

  • Bread.
  • Root vegetables, potatoes and onions.

  • The brown paper bag of spices (and other bits and bobs).

For your freezer:

  • Any meat or fish (except prawns and scallops) that you don’t want to eat right away.

  • Ice packs – you can reuse these!

+ - Recycling

Most of the packaging we use in our recipe boxes is fully recyclable, or biodegradable. Please click here for detail on how to recycle the contents of your Gousto box.

Some of our items are wrapped in plastic to protect and preserve them, but we want to reassure you that we are working hard to find alternative materials. Finding sustainable packaging solutions that can fully replace plastics, and work with all the different UK recycling schemes will take some time. We’ve identified some immediate changes that you will see in the Gousto boxes in the coming months. As more and more solutions are developed, we will keep making progress with our packaging, and find better ways of doing things.

+ - Damaged items

If there’s anything damaged in your box, head to the ‘My Gousto’ page in your account and select ‘Get help with this box’ for your most recent order. You’ll be able to select the issue and we’ll find the best way to resolve it.

We take the quality of our ingredients very seriously, so thanks for letting us know of any issues. Our warehouse manager looks into any problems that come up, so we can make sure they don’t happen again.

+ - Missing items

If your box is missing anything you were expecting (and you’ve double-checked inside both your cool bag and your brown paper bag of cupboard ingredients), head to the ‘My Gousto’ page in your account and select ‘Get help with this box’ for your most recent order.

Service is a very serious issue for us, so we appreciate you contacting us with any queries. Our warehouse manager looks into any problems that come up, so we can make sure they don’t happen again.

+ - Recipe cards

We’ve put a lot of care into creating recipe cards that are easy-to-follow, but still contain all the detail you need to know about your recipes and how to prepare them.  

On the front of each recipe card is a photograph of the finished recipe, along with a list of the ingredients used in the recipe, the approximate cooking time (for 2 and 4 people), a description of the recipe, any ingredients or special equipment you need, and nutritional information* including calories. 

The reverse of each recipe card is divided into 8 steps to follow while cooking your recipe; each step has a helpful photo, to make sure you’re always on the right track!

*Please note: We calculate our nutritional information based only on the ingredients that we deliver, before cooking. Additional ingredients added at home will affect the total values.

Account & subscription

+ - Edit or cancel an order

You can edit or cancel an order until noon, 3 days before your delivery day.

To edit an order, log into your Gousto account, and select the ‘Deliveries’ tab at the top of the page – your upcoming boxes will be listed here. Select ‘Edit Box’ on an upcoming order to add or remove recipes, or ‘Cancel Order’ to cancel your box.    

Please note: You can edit or cancel an order until noon, 3 days before your chosen delivery date – this is when we start processing your order, so you won’t be able to change or cancel after this point.

+ - Do I have to be subscribed to receive boxes?

When you first order, you will automatically be subscribed (you will choose to set this to weekly, fortnightly or monthly boxes when you’re checking out). This can easily be changed by heading to the ‘Subscription’ page in your account and selecting ‘pause your subscription’ at the bottom of the page. 

However, you do not have to have an active subscription to use Gousto. You can either subscribe to receive a box at regular intervals (weekly, fortnightly or monthly), or if you prefer you can pause your subscription and order one-off boxes, as and when you’d like them, instead.

+ - Why subscribe?

Our subscription suits a lot of our customers really well. Here are a few reasons why you might like to be subscribed:

  • First choice of recipes, so there’s much less chance of your favourite dishes going out of stock!

  • You’ll never miss an order – if you forget to pick recipes, we’ll send you a box with a selection from our menu based on whether or not you want only vegetarian recipes.

  • Reliable deliveries every week, fortnight or month – that means less trips to the supermarket, and more home cooking, but with less hassle.

+ - Skip an order

When you’re subscribed, you can skip an upcoming order – this can be really useful, especially if you’re on holiday! You can skip an order until noon, 3 days before your delivery day. 

To skip an order, log into your Gousto account and select the ‘Deliveries’ tab at the top of the page – your upcoming boxes will be listed here. Select ‘Skip Order’ on an upcoming box, and you will not receive (or be charged for) a box that week.

If you change your mind, you can select ‘Restore Order’ to bring back a skipped order.

+ - Pause my subscription

We know life’s busy, and everyone needs a break now and again. To pause your subscription, log into your account, select the ‘Subscription’ tab, then select ‘pause your subscription’ at the bottom of the page.

Please note: You’ll need to pause by noon, 3 days before your next delivery for this change to take effect immediately. If not, you will still receive your next box (but you won’t receive any more after that until you reactivate your subscription).

+ - Managing my subscription

When you’re subscribed, you can easily manage your orders from the ‘Subscription’ page in your account on our website or app.

To see this page, log into your account and select the ‘Subscription’ tab at the top of the page. From here, you can change:

  • The amount of servings you receive per meal (2 or 4).

  • The amount of recipes your receive per box (2, 3 or 4).

  • The frequency of your deliveries (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

  • The day of the week and time slot for your deliveries.

+ - Unsubscribe from Gousto's emails

At the bottom of every email from Gousto there’s a small ‘Unsubscribe’ button – selecting this will permanently remove you from our mailing list, so you won’t receive any more marketing emails from us.

Please note: These emails include reminders to order your recipes before we start preparing your box, so you won’t get these reminders if you unsubscribe! You will still receive service emails (e.g. order confirmations).

+ - Managing my account

You can manage your personal information, including name, phone number, email, delivery address and payment information by logging into your account.

When logged in, select the ‘Details’ tab and then choose ‘Edit’ by the information you wish to update.

+ - Delete my account

If you don’t want any more boxes in the near future, you don’t have to delete your account. As long as you pause your subscription (and haven’t ordered any boxes since), we won’t send or charge you for any more boxes. 

If you do want to delete your account for good, log into your account via the website or app and select the ‘Details’ tab, then look for the ‘Cancel Your Account’ section.

Please note: If you delete your account, you’ll lose the record of all the recipes you’ve cooked (and we’ll be sorry to see you go!).

Payment, discounts & credit

+ - Using discount codes

If you have a discount code (such as a unique ‘refer a friend’ code from someone who’s already using Gousto), you can use this when you first sign up.  

To use your code, just follow the steps to select your choice of recipes, then enter your code in the ‘Box Summary’ on the right-hand side of the payment page.

+ - When will I be charged for my box?

We will take payment for an order when we start processing it at noon, three days before your delivery day. This is also the deadline to edit, skip or cancel an order.

The only exception to this is your first box – we will take payment for this when you place your order.

+ - How credit works

If we have added credit to your account, you can view this by logging into your Gousto account and selecting the ‘Details’ tab, where you will see your account balance.

Your credit won’t show up at checkout, although it will automatically be deducted off your next order when we process the payment (at 12pm, 3 days before your delivery day).

Your can also spend your credit in the Gousto Market, where you can treat yourself to desserts, wine, beer, kitchen equipment and other goodies.

+ - Updating payment details

To update your payment details, log into your account via the Gousto app or website and select the ‘Details’ tab where you will see a section called ‘My Payment Info’ – you can update your payment details from here.

+ - Refunds

If you have been issued a refund, it should reach your bank within 3-5 working days.  

Please note: You can edit or cancel an order until noon, 3 days before your chosen delivery date – this is when we start processing your order, so you won’t be able to edit or cancel after this point.

+ - Can I see my order history?

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to show your order history in your account. This is something we are working on and plan to introduce in the future.

You’ll still be able to see what you’ve paid for your orders via your bank statement, and you can view the recipes you’ve ordered recently in the ‘My Gousto’ section of your account.

+ - Refer a friend

Did you know you can earn credit to spend on Gousto by encouraging your friends to give us a try?

We’ll add £15 of credit to your Gousto account for every friend who uses your unique invitation code. This code will give them 50% off their first box and 30% off all other boxes in their first month – not bad, eh!

To find your code and start sharing, log into your account on the Gousto website or app and select ‘Free Food’.  

+ - Can I use credit or a voucher code on Fine Dine In recipes?

If you already have credit in your Gousto account this can be used on the additional surcharge for our Fine Dine In recipes.

However, any discount from a voucher code will not affect the supplement (from £2.49 per serving extra) attached to these recipes.

Gousto Market

+ - Why has Gousto partnered with Charlie Bigham’s?

We’ve teamed-up with our friends at Charlie Bigham’s to deliver a selection of their delicious Chef Prepared Meals for those times when you need a night off from cooking. It also means we can offer individual portions for greater flexibility.

+ - How can I find Charlie Bigham’s in Gousto Market?

Charlie Bigham’s meals can be found on Gousto Market, which appears after you checkout of a Gousto order. If you have already ordered your Gousto box, go to the Deliveries page in your account and select “Add Extras”. Look for them under the 'Most Popular’ and ‘Food Cupboard’ categories.

+ - Why are there no vegetarian Charlie Bigham’s meals?


We have selected the best performing recipes from Charlie Bigham’s for those nights when you just want a break from cooking. We don’t currently offer any vegetarian meals but this could change in the future. Stay tuned!

+ - Can I freeze a Charlie Bigham’s?


Yes, you can read all the information on the packaging label, but freezing within the use by date for up to 1 month is just fine.

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