10 Simple Feasts You Can Whip Up From Tins

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Now more than ever, it’s important to find fun in the everyday.

One way I’ve been doing this is turning limited supermarket trips into a chance to raid the back of my kitchen cupboard. This week, I hope you’ll join me in dusting off old tins of artichokes, capers and mackerel, and making delicious dishes out of hidden gems.

Based on what’s (probably) in your store cupboard, here’s a list of mouthwatering meals made with just a few ingredients – and remember there are no rules for these recipes, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Don’t have capers? Olives work a treat. No mackerel? Get tinned tuna or sardines in the mix. The treasure trove in your cupboard awaits, so let’s shop our shelves and remember to use the #GoustoWeekly hashtag so we can see what you’ve been cooking up!

What you have: Tinned artichokes and capers

What to make: Artichoke linguine

Linguine with artichokes and lemon wedge

Who else has artichokes in the cupboard, but no memory of buying them? For a great way to use them up, char your artichoke hearts with lemon and parmesan to fill them with citrusy goodness before tossing them with linguine and capers.

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What you have: Tinned lentils and tomatoes, sultanas and Indian spices.

What to make: Lamb, Spinach and Lentil Dhansak

Sultanas are a diamond in the store cupboard rough, adding delectable sweetness to every bite of rich and savoury curry. No lamb? You can swap in beef, turkey or even Meatless Farm’s Meat Free Mince and it’ll still taste terrific.

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What you have: Tinned mackerel, capers

What to make: Mackerel & Quinoa Salad With Lemon-Caper Dressing

Mackerel Quinoa Salad with Lemon Caper DressingFor a boost of omega-3s, vitamins and all things good for you this mackerel salad is hard to beat. So if you’re perusing your cupboard, and find a forgotten pack of quinoa winking at you, swap smoked mackerel for tinned and give this salad a go.

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What you have: Kidney beans

What to make: Brilliantly Balanced Veggie Burrito Bowl

Brilliantly Balanced Veggie Burrito Bowl

Whilst staying home, I’ve become more aware of my health… and how many tins of kidney beans I have. Luckily, these hearty beans are a tasty source of protein and iron – great for keeping your energy up – and mouth wateringly rich in this burrito bowl with heaps of garlic, lime yoghurt and paprika roasted vegetables.

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What you have: Tinned lentils

What to make: Veggie Shepherd’s Pie

I don’t know about you, but right now, all I want to do is curl up under a blanket of thick, creamy mash. If you’re feeling that way too and you spot a can of lentils, you know what to do

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What you have: Coconut milk or cream, tinned or fresh tomatoes,

What to make: Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry With Lemony Rice

How are you maintaining a routine? One thing I’m relying on is meal-prepping lunch – just like I would for the office. Since I have coconut cream, a wrinkly tomato and sweet potatoes in the cupboard, this silky, lemony curry is next on my dinner-then-lunch-prep list.

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What you have: Chickpeas (soaked or tinned), tinned or fresh tomatoes

What to make: Chickpea Tikka Masala

Chickpea Tikka MasalaCall me predictable, but tikka masalas always top my list of most comforting curries. For the most luxurious way to use up chickpeas, and the perfect excuse to raid your store cupboard, this plant-based version is perfect.

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What you have: Black olives, capers

What to make: Tuscan Fish & Black Olive Risotto

Tuscan Fish & Black Olive RisottoWhen things are hectic, a glass of wine and a risotto are two perfect ways to channel the day into soothing relaxing stirs. The tangy twist in this one is the cheat’s tapenade made from black olives and capers, which add zinginess to the silky rice and roasted fish.

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What you have: Tinned sweetcorn, sweet chilli sauce

What to make: Sweetcorn & Potato Cakes With Avocado

Potato Cakes served on salad with avocado

When life throws a can of sweetcorn my way, these are always top of mind. Main, snack or side, there’s something quite hypnotising about how these golden, crispy cakes sizzle away in the pan. I serve mine with a dollop of sweet chilli sauce or jam for a kick.

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What you have: Tinned or jarred black olives, tomato paste

What to make: Zesty Cuban Pork & Black Olive Stew

Cuban Pork Stew with black olives. Served with rice and orange juice. All this sunshine has been the best thing to happen all month. Spring’s in full swing, and because there’s still a spritely chill in the air, this citrusy Cuban stew with tangy olives, rich pork and orange juice strikes that perfect balance between hot and healing, yet citrusy and tropical.

Click here for the recipe

Looking ahead to the next few months, I’ve decided it’s important to prioritise what makes you feel good. Personally, I’m focusing on the little wins, like laughing at memes, blaring that feel-good music on repeat and group-texting with family and friends about our grand plans when all this blows over.

How are you doing? I’d love to hear how you are, and if you have any more tips on how to feel normal, share them with us in the comments.


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