Food Subscription Boxes: Why Choose Gousto?

Gousto is a food delivery company that’s on a mission to change the way you eat with its recipe kits.

We’ve had enough of the supermarket schlep, microwave meals and wasted food.

It’s time for something easier, healthier and tastier. Something which does the world good, but doesn’t break the bank.

Each week, our menu features a wide range of delicious, perfectly portioned recipes for you to choose from. You pick your favourites and we deliver top quality, pre-measured ingredients together with easy to follow recipes straight to your door.

No hassle, no waste…just great tasting healthy meals you can cook at home.

How Our Subscriptions Work:

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Choose The Subscription That’s Right for You:

recipe kit subscription

We’re a flexible service that you can tailor to suit your lifestyle. You can choose the number of portions you’d like per meal (2 or 4 per meal), the number of recipes you want in your box (you can choose 2, 3 or 4 recipes in each box) and how regularly you’d like a box (pick from a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription boxes). You can even pick the day of the week you want your box delivered!

What The Press Are Saying About Gousto:

“Gousto’s recipe cards are particularly easy to follow and the pictures alone will make your mouth water.”

“Working with well respected brands like Yeo Valley and Woodlands Farm, Gousto are passionate about creating exciting, colourful healthy meals.”

“Everything looked fresh. The vegetables are all organic, the fish is responsibly sourced, & most ingredients come from the UK.”

No Commitment, With Flexible Subscription Options:

pause subscription 2

Better still, you can pause your subscription – perfect if you’re going abroad, you’d like a break from the service or if you prefer to order ‘on demand’ when it suits you. It is easy to pause your subscription – you can do this from your ‘My Gousto’ page as soon as you’ve set up an account – and restarting it is just as simple. Of course, if the service isn’t for you then that’s ok – you are free to cancel at any time (the door’s always open if you decide to come back!)

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Our boring meals are once again adventurous! Food bill reduced as I no longer buy veg and meat that I don’t/ forget to use. Delicious!” – Alison, St. Albans

“I love it. I was getting so sick of my 15-dish repertoire! Now, I eat food I wouldn’t normally cook and we don’t waste any food. My partner and I are both super happy with Gousto – can’t wait for next week’s box!” -Claudia, Leeds

“The biggest plus is that Gousto has simplified our lives, and to be honest I was shocked by how much time I was spending shopping for food, menu planning and cooking each evening.” -Millie, Cornwall

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