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We’re pretty proud of the selection of wines in our Marketplace. If you’ve ever taken a look at the bottles we stock, you may have noticed that we don’t stock wines you’ll find on supermarket shelves. We work with our wine partners to find wines that work wonderfully with our recipes, are a little bit different and always a lot delicious.

Have a look below at the range of bottles we have in stock at the moment, including a prosecco, a rosé and a range of New World wines. If you’d like to add a bottle to an order, simply head to My Deliveries and click the ‘Add To Your Box’ button.

If you haven’t made an order yet, or your box is already on its way, head to our menu to place an order now – once you’ve selected your recipes, you’ll be invited to add items from the Gousto Marketplace (including wine) to your box.


Gousto Prosecco Corte AltaProsecco Corte Alta

Our first prosecco in the Gousto Marketplace! The Corte Alta is the perfect balance of deliciously drinkable yet intriguing with citrus and faint berry notes. Add some bubbles to your next box!

Pairing suggestions: SalmonShellfish, Hard Cheese
Best with our: Crunchy Chicken Caesar Salad

Gousto Fernlands Sauvignon BlancFernlands Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough

This first-rate New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is packed with fruity, botanical aromas. Zesty on the palate with lots of lime and a lovely slight grassiness, it has a refreshingly dry finish.

Pairing suggestions: Fish, Shellfish, Vegetarian Food
Best with our: Sicilian Smoked Mackerel Linguine

Michel Servin Rouge

Michel Servin Rouge

This smooth, balanced French red has some distinctive red berry and blackcurrant notes for a fruity, jammy flavour that works wonders with red meats.

Pairing suggestions: Beef, Lamb, Spicy Food, Hard Cheese
Best with our: Spiced Lamb Burger With Spicy Potatoes

Gousto Michel Servin BlancMichel Servin Blanc

An easy drinking white in the southern French tradition, this unfussy wine has citrus notes and a slight leafiness. Perfect for laid back lunches and easy going evenings.

Pairing suggestions: White Meats, Rice and Pasta Salads, Fish
Best with our:  Halloumi Nuggets, Pea Shoots & Couscous

Gousto La Tierra Rocosa Sauvignon BlancLa Tierra Rocosa Sauvignon Blanc

With subtle fruity notes of kiwi and pear, this Chilean wine is a light and wonderfully drinkable New World tipple that stands out from the norm.

Pairing suggestions: Salmon, Shellfish, Chicken, Vegetarian Food
Best with our: Chicken, Red Pepper and Lemongrass Curry

Gousto wine Finca Nova AirenFinca Nova Airen

Made from the popular Spanish Airén grape, this clean, fresh and fruity white has a fine crisp finish, with gentle citrus flavours.

Pairing Suggestions: Fish, Lightly Spicy Food
Best with our: Fish Nuggets With Asian Dipping Sauce

Gousto wine Le Bois De Violettes RoséLe Bois des Violettes Rose

A typically light and fresh French rosé, with berry flavours and a subtle hint of violets resulting in a slightly off-dry taste.

Pairing Suggestions: Fish, Beef, Lamb, Spicy Food, Hard Cheese
Best with our: Herby Lamb & Sweet Potato Curry

Gousto wines Rioja Reserva, Baron de EbroRioja Reserva, Barón de Ebro

A rioja with a distinct oakiness and intriguing notes of vanilla and chocolate that make this fruity, full-bodied wine unique. Ideal when enjoyed with food, particularly alongside meat with a stronger flavour, such as game.

Pairing Suggestions: Beef, Lamb, Pork, Game, Spicy Food, Mature Cheese
Best with our: Giant Meatball In Tomato Broth

Gousto wines Sant’ Andrea ChiantiSant’ Andrea Chianti

The most popular Italian wine in the world, Chianti is known for its cherry, red plum and strawberry notes. This Sant’ Andrea variety has an vibrant, deep colour and a distinctly fruity flavour.

Pairing suggestions: Poultry, Beef, Veal, Game, Pork, Hard Cheese
Best with our: Fragrant Chinese Pork Stir-Fry

Gousto wines Aires Andinos MalbecAires Andinos Malbec

A gorgeous Argentinian red with a long, juicy aftertaste. This wine goes predictably well with steak, but perhaps more surprisingly compliments chicken dishes nicely too.

Pairing suggestions: Beef, Spicy Food, Poultry, Hard Cheese
Best with our: Chicken With Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Gousto wines Five Foot Track Shiraz

Five Foot Track Shiraz

This fruity Australian red is a pleasing balance of ripe fruit and savoury, earthy notes. Made from Shiraz grapes grown in specially selected vineyards in South Eastern Australia, it’s succulent and smooth, with lashings of bramble fruit.

Pairing Suggestions: Beef, Lamb
Best with our:
Herby Lamb & Sweet Potato Curry

Gousto wines El Molturo Tempranillo GarnachaEl Molturo Tempranillo Garnacha

A modern and mature Spanish red, aromas of ripe cherries and strawberries mingle with gentle pepper and spice in this feisty yet perfectly balanced wine.

Pairing suggestions: Beef, Lamb, Pork, Game, Mature cheese and Spicy dishes
Best with our: Chorizo Tortizzas

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