Nadiya’s Chilli Cheese Burrito Competition

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It’s been fantastic to see so many amazing photos of Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain’s guest recipe over the past few days for our #NadiyaGousto competition!

A quick recap for anyone who missed it – we asked customers to share snaps of Nadiya’s Chilli Cheese Burrito tagged with #NadiyaGousto for a chance to win a free Gousto box and a copy of Nadiya’s debut cookbook, Nadiya’s Kitchen*. [*This competition ended on 22nd August 2016]

Our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds have been full of burritos all week! However, there’s one burrito lover that we couldn’t overlook… well done Ozzy Jones (@ozzyjones), your hilarious action shots with your burrito (see below) have earned you a copy of Nadiya Hussain’s cookbook and a free Gousto box!

Scroll down to see Ozzy’s winning post and a some of the runners up.

The Winning Post!


Runners Up  


You can learn more about Nadiya and her partnership with Gousto in our exclusive interview with the Great British Bake Off winner, where she explains that she’s not only a baker, talks about her cooking style and let’s us in on the family secret in her recipe development…


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