The Journey Through Italy Begins

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Pack your taste buds and your sense of adventure! We begin our six week Journey Through Italy amongst the foothills of the Alps, in the northern regions of Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy. These are the first three recipes in the series, and we’re not pulling our punches. Get ready to experience authentic flavours, discover new ingredients, and learn to cook like a true Italian.

Learn to make authentic pesto in Liguria

Italy pesto

Liguria is the original home of pesto, or pesto alla Genovese. This sauce is traditionally made by pounding basil leaves with olive oil, Italian hard cheese, pine nuts and garlic. A vibrant green dish, it’s eaten throughout Italy with Ligurian pasta like pansoti, piccagge and gnocchi.

“There’s nothing quite like the flavour and aroma of making pesto alla Genovese from scratch!” Jordan, Gousto Chef

Add Genovese Pesto Gnocchi With Green Beans to your box and get everything you need to make your own authentic pesto from scratch.

Savour authentic Milanese steak in Lombardy

Italy Milanese steak

Cotoletta alla Milanese is a typical Milanese main course. It’s known as ‘wiener schnitzel’ in neighbouring Austria, where veal or beef steak is breaded and fried. Our British rump steaks are tender and the perfect cut. This makes them ideal for serving alongside buttery potatoes and a piquant balsamic tomato salad.

“In Italian cuisine, sweet tomatoes dressed in balsamic vinegar are used to cut through the rich meaty flavour of crispy breaded steak.” Jordan, Gousto Chef

To get hold of this recipe for yourself, look out for Milanese Rump Steak With Buttered Potatoes on this week’s menu.

Discover the traditional combination of fresh rosemary and thyme in Piedmont

Italy Polpa

Cacciatore, which directly translates as ‘hunter’s stew’, is popular throughout Italy, but especially loved in the northern region of Piedmont. This recipe is fragrant with rosemary and thyme, and served with rich buttered orzo and a sprinkle of parsley in the traditional style of northern Italy.

Cacciatore to the Italians is like the Cottage Pie to us – rich, comforting and brings the whole family to the table!” Jordan, Gousto Chef

Fill your kitchen with the aroma of fresh herbs by adding Chicken Cacciatore With Herbed Orzo to your Gousto box this week.


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