Why Gousto can be your resolution solution this January

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January resolutions.

Give up this, stop that, revive your ailing bank balance, start writing that novel… There’s plenty of pressure to make bold resolutions this month, but even the best intentions can crumble in the cold, gloomy days of winter.

Our solution.

Achievable resolutions: small but positive improvements to your life that you can actually stick to. We’re making big changes to (even love!). We’re making big changes to help you eat better, save more and spend more time with the people you love.

At the end of 2017 we lowered the price of most of our recipe boxes and launched two new recipe ranges: Boost & Balance and Plant-based – and in February we’re launching a third: Fine Dine In. Plus, we’re expanding our menu to offer an unbeatable choice of 25 recipes every week, and we’ll be making Gousto deliveries even more convenient in the near future.

Select a resolution from the list below to find out how Gousto can help you achieve this resolution, and get expert advice from our team to help you on your way.

Chickpea Shawarma Salad, Sumac Pitta Chips
Chickpea Shawarma Salad, Sumac Pitta Chips

The holidays can bring on a case of the ate-my-body-weight-in-
chocolate-and-wow-look-at-all-the-bottles-in-the-recycling-bin blues. A Public Health England survey revealed that under 10% of teens and only one in three adults eat enough fruit, vegetables, fibre and oily fish. January is a chance to commit to eating better (and ‘cleaner’).

Solution: Boost & Balance

This new range of recipes is bursting with goodness: lean proteins, balanced carbs, at least 2 of your 5-a-day, and light on calories, too. With new balanced recipes like Salsa Verde Chicken With Wheat Berry Broth, it’s easy to cook meals you’ll love – and your body will thank you for.

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fine dine in gousto recipe

Busy days can take a toll on us, leaving less time for the people who mean the most. The new year is a chance to re-evaluate priorities. We believe spending time together over a good meal is important. A study by Dutch and Canadian psychologists found that when people ate together, they listened more, were more agreeable and felt better about their partners.

Solution: Fine Dine In

All our recipes are a great shared activity for quality family time. Our new Fine Dine In range will help you make the most of special nights in, whether as a couple or when you’re entertaining. These dishes are seriously impressive, with rich European flavours and premium specialty ingredients. Cook together, or treat your partner to the kind of meal you’ll linger over.

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Brazilian Pork Belly Feijoada With Greens
Brazilian Pork Belly Feijoada With Greens

Like most of us, you’ve probably got ‘go-to’ dishes: trusted recipes you could cook with your eyes closed. Perfectly decent weeknight meals, dependable, but let’s face it – a bit boring to cook and eat again and again. January’s the perfect time to stop sleepwalking through dinnertime and try new cuisines, ingredients and flavours.

Solution: More choice

We want to help you breathe new life into your kitchen this year, so we’re increasing our weekly menu to 25 recipes, with plenty of new ingredients and flavours from every corner of the world. Because even the most exotic ingredients are perfectly measured, there’s no risk in something new not going according to plan!

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Harissa Hummus, Roasted Veg & Freekeh Salad
Harissa Hummus, Roasted Veg & Freekeh Salad

There are plenty of reasons to cut back on meat in January. Even committed carnivores may feel they overdid it in December. There are several health benefits in vegan, vegetarian and Mediterranean diets, according to studies and experts such as the Blue Zones Project. It’s also reported that a plant-based diet makes you burn more calories after meals (quite welcome for some of us after all those mince pies!).

Solution: Plant-based recipes

Our recipe developers jumped at the chance to capture all the amazing flavours nature has to offer in our new Plant-based range. Their inventive recipes are designed to be balanced and satisfying, making meat-free meals an absolute pleasure for the tastebuds.

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gousto delivery

In January, we’re all on our best behaviour, optimistic that this year we’ll sort our the diary, the schedule, our lives.

Solution: Delivery, any day of the week

We believe you have better things to do with your time than push a trolley round the supermarket, so we give you free delivery seven days a week. For a little extra you can be in total control, with new morning and evening delivery slots that we’re introducing in various parts of the country.

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Persian Eggs With Jewelled Bulgur & Feta
Persian Eggs With Jewelled Bulgur & Feta

With all the gifting and feasting, it’s easy to blow the budget in December. January sees many of us tightening the belts (oof, a bit tricky post-feast!), to boost our balance with sensible spending.

Solution: The best price out there

Home cooking is widely regarded as the cheapest and most healthy way of eating. With Gousto, we wanted to make tasty and convenient home cooking even more affordable for everyone. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to find new and better ways to provide quality ingredients from our trusted suppliers right to our customers’ doors.

In September last year, we reduced our food waste by a whopping 80%, and we’ve passed those savings on to our customers. We want to make sure we’re the best – and the best priced – recipe box out there, so you can now enjoy Gousto from as little as £2.98 per serving!

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