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If you have kids, the chances are you already know all about Annabel Karmel. She’s a legend of family cooking, and we’re incredibly excited to say that she’s be bringing a selection of her family favourite recipes to each Gousto menu until the end of November!

With a shared love of making cooking easier for families, we think Gousto and Annabel make a pretty wonderful team. Here’s a bit more about our partnership and what to expect from Annabel’s amazing recipes, in her own words!


“I’m excited to announce my tasty partnership with Gousto to make dinner time a doddle this Autumn.

We all know how important it is to keep the family fuelled on the right foods, but making time to pack in that all-important goodness is often easier said than done, especially with today’s jam-packed schedules.  When my three children were growing up, I often found myself scrabbling for time to prepare wholesome meals around starting up a business, devising new recipes and managing the kids’ social calendars (which were often busier than mine!).

After school activities, play dates, work commitments, emails, and other activities all take a bite out of the amount of time we spend eating together as a family.

Generally, when we think about the health benefits of eating, we typically consider what we should or should not be consuming. Yet, whilst super-nutritious meals are a must, sharing good food at dinner has boundless benefits. For everyone of all ages, gathering at the dining table boosts our wellbeing and makes us happier.


At the table, we share stories, build family bonds and learn from each other. But eating together shouldn’t be a luxury. Having spent over 25 years supporting millions of families with quick, easy and tasty recipes, I’ve learnt one thing: with a little inspiration and support, everyone can cook a good meal.

What’s more, it’s incredibly important to introduce a diverse range of foods and flavours at the earliest possible opportunity, as healthy eating habits are formed from an early age.  That means making time for the whole family to eat together – tots, teens and grown-ups.

Gousto shares my vision for making mealtimes simple and sharable.  That’s why, from September, you’ll be able to order my expert recipes from the Gousto menu!


Each week, I’ll be taking families on a taste adventure. From my famous Fun & Fruity Chicken Curry, to my Heavenly Hidden Veg Bolognese, everyone will be looking forward to teatime – even the fussiest of eaters!  After all, there’s no reason why the whole family shouldn’t join in on curry nights. And there’s certainly no excuse for not seeing those veggies vanish from the plate (especially when the food is this tasty!).

Supercharged and packed with goodness, my recipes created for Gousto families are a great way to introduce younger diners to a world of flavour, and they’ll tickle the tastebuds of adults too.

Each recipe is broken down into simple-to-follow steps, and when it comes to quality and freshness, you can rely on Gousto to bring you the very best ingredients.”

Annabel Karmel will be featuring her family favourite recipes on the Gousto menu each week until the end of November. Add one to your next Gousto box to find out why families around the world love her cooking.

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