10 Free-From Recipes for Hungry Families

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At Gousto we believe food brings people together. So naturally we’re big fans of bank holiday weekends, when families gather and enjoy copious amounts of food in each others’ company – chocolate or otherwise. This can be pretty stressful, especially when cooking dinner for the masses,  so we recommend checking out our 10 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Family Mealtimes to help ease the pressure.

Then there’s the issue of different tastes and allergies, do you ever find yourself struggling with different dietary requirements whilst catering for so many? We’ve got your back with these 10 free-from recipes, packed with vibrant fresh flavours that the whole family will love.

Cheesy Risotto With Ratatouille & Basil (Gluten-Free)

Why we love this recipe: We’ve combined two classic Mediterranean favourites in one dish. It’s risotto, but with a rich vegetable ratatouille on top. After making your simple, cheesy risotto base, you’ll finish the veg-packed dish with chopped fresh basil. Pssst! It’s got 5 of your 5-a-day!

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Indian-Spiced Chicken Tray Bake With Spinach (Gluten-Free)

Why we love this recipe: You’ll marinate British chicken thighs in ginger, garlic, yoghurt & spices and bake them in a tray with crispy turmeric & lemon potatoes, red onion wedges and spinach. Served with a dollop of yoghurt, fresh chilli and a sprinkling of nigella seeds. Super simple, super tasty!

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10-Min Prawn, Chorizo & Avocado Tacos (Dairy-Free)

Why we love this recipe: Travel to Mexico in just 10 mins! These super quick tacos are deliciously indulgent yet fabulously fresh tasting. You’ll cook juicy king prawns with crispy British chorizo, all wrapped up with zingy dressed little gem lettuce leaves and creamy avocado in soft tortillas.

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Herby Chicken Nuggets, Chips & Beans (Dairy-Free)

Why we love this recipe: For this hearty, made-from-scratch version of the ultimate family fave, you’ll coat tender British chicken breast with a parsley crumb before baking till beautifully golden. Serve with DIY (non-) baked beans and crispy oven chips. Psst… grown-ups are sure to love this one too!

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10-Min Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry & Noodles (Dairy-Free)

Why we love this recipe: This tasty stir-fry will be ready in a flash! Cook diced chicken with baby corn and sugar snaps in a fragrant ginger and honey sauce. Serve over fine egg noodles and top with black sesame seeds and spring onion – yum!

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Aubergine & Tomato Orzo With Rocket Pesto (Vegan)

Why we love this recipe: For this tasty Sicilian-inspired, plant-based orzo dish, you’ll roast aubergine, red onion and San Marzanino tomatoes to top oven-baked orzo. Whilst that’s all cooking away you’ll make a punchy rocket pesto for drizzling over. Serve with toasted pine nuts for fabulous crunch. Sici-mple!

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Crispy Baked Tacos, Refried Beans & Pineapple Salsa (Vegan)

Why we love this recipe: For these tasty plant-based tacos, you’ll make refried beans flavoured with cumin, chilli and smoky paprika. You’ll bake tortillas into crispy cups for the beans, and top them with a zingy pineapple, tomato & coriander salsa. Mouthwatering – get the napkins ready!

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Smoked Tofu Katsu & Sticky Rice (Vegan)

Why we love this recipe: Katsukar? (or Katsu curry) is one of the most popular dishes eaten in Japan, but is often made with meat. Here you’ll create your own plant-based version using smoked tofu, before serving it with a homemade curry sauce, a fresh baby leaf salad and quick-pickled shallot.

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Cheesy Mushroom Burger, Pickled Shallot & Chips (Vegetarian)

Why we love this recipe: These veggie burgers taste just as good as the real thing! You’ll blend chestnut mushrooms and cheddar with a little soy sauce to create deliciously umami-packed patties. Serve in brioche, top with quick-pickled shallots and dish it all up alongside crisp homemade chips. There’s not mushroom for improvement!

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Easy Chipotle Mac ‘N’ Cheese (Vegetarian)

Why we love this recipe: We’ve given this comforting classic a tasty Mexican makeover. Our mac ‘n’ cheese is flavoured with spicy chipotle, topped with a smoked paprika crumb and laced with mixed peppers and red onion. We’ve cut out the faff by replacing the white sauce with crème fraîche for simpler, quicker cooking. Arriba arriba!

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