A Flash In The Pan With…Thanbir

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Thanbir is one of our Customer Service Agents here at Gousto. He’s a people person and a problem solver, and somehow always manages to be the person in the room with the biggest smile. Thanbir reckons the key to his happiness is chocolate spread and Vitamin D… With the sun finally starting to come out in the UK, we’re all starting to soak up few more natural Vitamin D rays, but we’re not so sure we’d recommend keeping a tub of chocolate spread by your desk!


Hi Thanbir! How are you today?

I have the pleasure of being in your company, so amazing thank you!

Why the vitamins and chocolate spread?

Vitamin D-They don’t call it the sunshine Vitamin for nothing. I combine with a tablespoon of chocolate spread. It doesn’t make any sense, but I like it!

What’s the first meal you remember eating?

I can’t even remember what I ate this morning!

If you owned a restaurant, what would you name it?

I would call it Mothers’ Pride, because that would make my mum proud

What dish would you most like to make that you haven’t, and what would you most like to try?

I would like to bake a cake like Claire (another member of our Customer Service Team). Any cake she makes tastes just incredible!

In terms of what I would like to try…any ‘Claire’ cake that I haven’t tried yet!

Who inspires you?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Whenever I am stuck I always ask myself, ‘what would Zlatan do?’, then I do as Zlatan would and life is rosey!

Also, people named Bruce always seem to be inspiring! Bruce Wayne, Bruce Forsyth, Bruce Almighty… call your son Bruce and I will honour him! Call your daughter Bruce and I might look at you a bit weirdly… but it won’t stop them being inspiring!

What are your three Desert Island Dishes (3 meals you’d have with you on a desert island, and one sentence on each for why)?

My mums lasagne
My mums shepherd’s pie
Anything with lamb made by mother

Mum, I hope you see this interview (I’m not always in my mum’s good books, so this is my attempt at charming her)!

And your favourite Gousto recipe?

Anything that Chef Remi cooks for me. She cooked this miso fish the other day for someone else and that looked amazing. I wish she’d cook for me more!

What’s the world like in 2050?

Better off with me around, I hope!

You do you:

“Wow” –  that’s how Zlatan would answer this question!
And “half man, half amazing” because that sounds cool… In fact, Zlatan would cut the half man part out because he doesn’t see himself as human, so I’ll just say amazing!


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