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We’ve decided to give you a peek behind the scenes here at Gousto HQ, to show off the talented, food-obsessed people we have working to make our boxes the best they can be. Each week, we’ll post a new interview with someone from our team, looking into what makes them tick (and, of course, their favourite food!). We’ll also be asking each person to bring in an item that’s special to them.

First up is Andre, one of our Designers and all-round creative powerhouse…

Hi Andre! How are you today?

Fierce, as always.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself

“I’m a born-and-bred Californian, who moved from San Francisco to London to live the “British Dream”. Lifelong fan of S Club 7, self-proclaimed karaoke superstar and child of the Arts.”

What’s the first meal you remember eating? 

“My mom’s Mac and Cheese, made with lots of love and care. It’s famous in my family and a staple for Thanksgiving & Christmas. When I was a little older I started asking for it with a panko breadcrumb topping…so I was definitely always a foodie!”

Who inspires you?

“I get a lot of my design inspiration from the “form follows function” mantra of the Bauhaus Movement, the gorgeous over-the-top opulence of Art Deco, and the loud visuals of the Pop Art Movement.”

What would your three Desert Island Dishes be (3 meals you’d bring with you on a desert island)?

1) Pad Thai – “I love the peanut flavours in Thai cuisine. The lime spritz in pad Thai adds a zesty touch.”

2) Nachos – “The nachos are a blank canvas you can add so many options to. It’s a snack in meal form, and everyone likes a snack!”

3) Chilli Cheese Fries – “I mean, they’re just amazing! There’s nothing more to say!”

And your favourite Gousto recipe?

“I’m about to test cook this chicken mole tonight that I know I’m going to LOVE. I like using chocolate in savoury cooking, it brings so much depth of flavour.”

What’s food going to look like in 2050?

“Either in a just-add-water pill form, or we will see food trends going back to basics where the mainstream will be to not only cook all of your food, but to grow all of your food too. I’m hoping for the latter. All I know is that if the world isn’t a brought-to-life replica of The Jetsons in 2050, I will be quite disappointed.”

Why the clarinet?

“I’ve been playing since I was about 8…damn has it been that long?! I started playing because my dad played. I wanted to learn the French Horn because I thought it looked cool, but I’m glad I didn’t. The clarinet was the first avenue for me to express my creativity, so it helped me realise that I’m a creative person – it’s really special to me.”

You do you (sum yourself up in words, a picture or any other way).


Thanks Andre! And finally, just for fun…



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