Batch Cook These 17 Quick Delicious Recipes and Eat Well All Week

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Call me greedy, but I want delicious food, batch cooked and at my fingertips. All the time.

Because nothing makes me feel like I’m winning at life more than a fridge or freezer full of delicious prep-ahead recipes.

I’m not about to spend Sunday in the kitchen though, or bulk cook food that won’t freeze (what if I want to eat out? I won’t be tied down by Tupperware!)

So for all my fellow meal prep lovers out there, I’ve made this collection of quick and freezable Gousto recipes, so we can win at life together without spending hours in the kitchen. Repeat after me, we will eat well all week.

Meat-free Monday

Got a big bag of lentils gathering dust in your pantry? Perfect.

These versatile, protein-rich pulses are perfect for batch cooking. They go well with meat and work as a meat replacement.

Cheesy Aubergine Lentil Moussaka (vegetarian)

Batch cook Gousto Cheesy lentil aubergine moussakaWhen you need extreme comfort food. Prep time takes 35 min, then just bake from frozen ‘til bubbling and golden. Next time this is just a freezer door away, remember to thank me.

Click here for the recipe. 

Two Lentil Dal with Spiced Aubergine (plant-based, gluten-free)

Two lentil dal with spiced aubergine and coconut yogurt (vegan)

This velvety vegan lentil stew is the perfect antidote to a long day, and so easy to scale for meal prepping too. Great on its own, or with some rice.

Click here for the 45 min recipe.

Pasta bowl Tuesday

On Tuesday the plan is: not to plan ahead. Hopefully I’ll have batch cooked some of these pasta sauces (that aren’t just for pasta) in my freezer.

Walnut & Cheddar Pesto Chicken Bulgur

Walnut cheddar pesto with chicken and cherry tomatoes

A big batch of pesto doesn’t just have to be for pasta, and this sauce takes about 5 minutes to meal prep. Chicken, vegetables, bulgur – you name it, you can put pesto on it (probably).

Click here for the recipe.

Red Pepper & Sausage Pasta with Garlic Crumb (dairy free)

Dairy free sausage and red pepper pasta with garlic crumbThis addictive sauce is simple and delicious. Quadruple batch = mandatory.

Click here for the 30 min recipe.

Humpday Wednesday

There’s something about midweek that has me reaching for that takeaway menu. These batch cook curry recipes pack all that convenient flavour, homemade in your own kitchen.

Chicken Tikka Masala (gluten free)

Gousto chicken tikka masala with basmati riceStep away from the takeaway. This much-better tikka masala is waiting in your freezer.

Click here for the 25 min recipe.

Easy One-Pot Vegetable Biryani (plant-based, gluten-free)

Gousto Easy Vegetable Biryani for batch cookingBiryanis can be a lavish, complicated affair. Not this. Packed with cauliflower, juicy sultanas and rich spices, it’s one of those delicious Gousto one-pots that should be in anyone’s vegan batch cook recipe arsenal.

Click here for the 25 min recipe.

Norman Musa’s Malay Chicken Curry (gluten free, dairy free)

Gousto Norman Musa Malay Chicken Curry

Curry lovers, explore new horizons with Norman Musa’s rich and big-flavour chicken curry from Malaysia. It’s so good, it might bump your favourite off the top spot!

Click here for the 30 min recipe.

Palak Paneer & Spinach Curry, Cardamom Rice (gluten free)

Gousto Palak Paneer & Spinach Curry, Cardamom Rice for meal preppingMy favourite meat-free curry has to be this one. It has a rich and fragrant gravy, golden brown paneer and crispy onions.

Click here for the 20 min recipe.

Thai Beef Meatball Massaman Tray Bake (gluten free, dairy free)

Gousto Thai Beef Meatball Massaman Tray Bake

Baking not frying the meatballs, and using red curry paste, helps speed this creamy curry up.

Click here for the 45 min recipe.

Thrown-together Thursday

Flavourful stews are perfect batch cook recipes when you’re in a pinch. Like on Thursday night, when finishing that pile of work between now and the weekend seems impossible.

Green & Black’s Chicken Mole (gluten free)

Gousto Green & Black’s Chicken Mole

Gousto streamlined the ingredients for this signature spicy-smoky sauce from Mexico, and created a 35-minute recipe too. Don’t worry, it still involves lots of chocolate.

Click here for the 35 min recipe.

West African Maff-Style Chicken Stew (gluten free)

Gousto West African Maff-Style Chicken Stew Batch Cook Recipe

The addition of peanut butter is what’s so unique about this Senegalese-inspired stew. it only takes half an hour, but tastes like it’s been slow cooked all day.

Click here for the 30 min recipe.

Feel good Friday

It’s been a long week. If I’m having a quiet Friday night, dinner better bring a party of flavours in my mouth. These Gousto twists on British classics tick that box.

Moroccan-Inspired Shepherd’s Pie (gluten free)

Gousto Moroccan-inspired shepherd’s pie freezable recipeShepherd’s pie is excellent maybe… once a week. This fragrant, vibrantly spiced Moroccan version with fibre-rich sweet potato is incredible all week long.

Click here for the 45 min recipe.

Simple Smoked Fish Florentine (gluten free)

Smoked Fish Florentine Batch Cook RecipeEnough with fish pie already! As much as I love those creamy, mashed-potato-ey bakes, they’re due a swap. To this. A lightened up, smoky fish florentine with everything you love about pie – just fewer steps and ingredients.

Click here for the 45 min recipe.

Spoil yourself Saturday

A rich ragù is a magical thing. It doesn’t take a lot of ingredients, tastes so deliciously indulgent, and it’s easy to freeze in individual portions, making it a classic batch cook standby.

Bolognese Ragù with Pappardelle

Gousto Bolognese Ragù with Pappardelle Freezable Batch Cook Recipe

And luckily, this short-cut Bolognese Ragù sauce means it doesn’t take a lot of time to bulk cook either. 45 minutes. Still rich and flavourful.

Click here for the 45 min recipe.

10-Min Spag Bol

Gousto 10-Min Spag Bol Freezable Batch Cook RecipeOr if you’re in a pinch, this fast-track batch cook recipe is full of flavour and is ready in (nearly) an instant.

Click here for an even speedier 10 min recipe.

Chestnut Mushroom Bolognese (vegetarian)

Gousto Batch Cook Chestnut Mushroom BologneseFor veggies, this recipe swaps beef with chestnut mushrooms to add loads of savoury umami.

Click here for the 40 min recipe.

Lentil Balls with Tomato and Aubergine Ragù (plant-based)

Gousto Lentil Balls with Tomato and Aubergine Ragù Batch Cook RecipeOr my favourite recipe with lentil balls and crispy aubergine. Both meat-free batch cook recipes are just as tasty as their meatier cousins.

Click here for the 40 min recipe.


Time to top up your stash and batch cook more recipes for this week. Or if you have enough prepped already, congrats: you’ve got Sunday off!

Batch cooking may seem like a faff, but these recipes are proof it doesn’t take hours. It’s cooking on your terms, having choice at your fingertips, saving time and eating well.

Do you batch cook? Tell me why (or why not!) in the comments.

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