Healthy Homemade Snack Recipes and Ideas

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I love homemade snacks.

Some say if you want to be healthy, you shouldn’t snack. But I disagree.

Just because I’ve batch-cooked delicious, healthy homemade meals all week doesn’t mean I can’t have something in between. Not when healthy snacks exist, and I want something deliciously salty or sweet or crunchy or smooth.

Here’s a short list of my favourite healthy homemade snacks when the mood strikes.

Banana Bread

Gousto's quick and easy banana breadEveryone thinks their Mum’s banana bread recipe is ‘The Best.’ You’re all wrong. This is the best one.

Click here for the recipe


Gousto's healthy homemade snacks guacamole recipeAvocados are literally my favourite food. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And with this guacamole recipe, they’re my healthy homemade snack too. I’m happy.

Click here for the recipe.

Homemade Vegetable Crisps

Gousto's healthy homemade snacks vegetable crisps recipe

Salty, crunchy, and oven-baked with way less oil, these are much better than a Grab Bag. I’m dipping mine in the guac I just made for double the homemade snack.

Click here for the recipe

Sweet Potato Fries


Gousto's healthy homemade snacks sweet potato friesThese are a Gousto recipe regular, and with good reason. They’re delicious, high fibre, baked and easy to riff on the seasonings (my personal favourite is Za’atar and smoked sea salt!) Perfect weekend healthy finger food.

Click here for the recipe

Peanut Butter Energy Balls

healthy homemade snacks peanut butter energy ballsThere’s a lot of protein packed into these, which is why they’re my post gym snack of choice. It’s so easy to make loads of them!

Click here for the recipe

Healthier Flapjacks

healthy homemade snacks flapjacksFor something sweet, the healthier flapjack recipe in this post is easy and delicious. They have no sugar, but they’re still sweet enough to keep my Dairy Milk cravings at bay.

Click here for the recipe


If you’re a healthy snack lover like me, you need to let me know if you give these a go.

I’m always on the lookout for more healthy post-lunch snack options to enjoy al desko. Give me some epic ideas in the comments, so I can make my colleagues jealous.

For more healthy ideas, check out our Healthy Vegetable Stock recipe, 6 Healthy Versions Of Comfort Foods or our Healthy Lunchbox Ideas. Or check out this week’s Gousto menu to see which meals can be delivered to your door.


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