6 Healthy Versions Of Your Favourite Comfort Foods

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Is it just me, or does the unpredictable weather of early Spring cause a massive dinner dilemma? You can never tell from one day to the next if you’ll be craving some carby comfort food or a rainbow of fresh fruit and veg.

Lucky for you lot I’ve just come from the Gousto kitchen, where the chefs have answered all our prayers with their favourite healthy comfort food recipes. Get geared up for some serious feel-good moments.

Mushroom “Quinotto”

Comfort food quinotto

“Quinotto”, aka quinoa risotto, is a guaranteed family dinner winner. This dish gives you the creamy texture and rich flavour of a risotto, but with extra protein and minerals coming along for the ride.

You can whip up a quinotto in half the time and serve a deliciously balanced meal that’s both kid and adult-friendly.

Top tip: Try topping with a sprinkle of seeds for an added nutrient boost.

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“Courgetti” Bolognese

Comfort food courgetti

In case you haven’t heard of ‘courgetti’, it’s simply raw courgettes that have been turned into long, spaghetti-like strings by a spiralizer or julienne peeler – perfect as a substitute for spaghetti pasta.

To make your own courgetti bolognese you’ll need 2 courgettes per person, washed and spiralized. Steam for 2-3 minutes until soft with a bit of bite and serve with our Simply Perfect Bolognese. You’ll be amazed at this lighter and fresher version of the Italian classic.

Top tip: If you’re not a courgette fan there are plenty of other veggies that work just as well, such as butternut squash, carrots and even broccoli stalks!

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Quinoa Mac n Cheese

Comfort food mac cheeseQuinoa to the rescue again! This time the American classic Mac N Cheese is getting the healthy treatment. Use this protein-packed pasta alternative to turn a cosy comfort food classic into a new nutritious favourite.

Add another twist with some extra veggies like tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach. Leeks are a personal favourite, but you can use literally anything you fancy!

Top tip: Use a stronger mature cheese to make the flavour go further.

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Sweet Potato Jackets

Comfort food baked potato

It might sound counter-intuitive, but sweet potatoes actually have fewer carbs and calories than regular potatoes.

The classic jacket potato is the perfect vehicle for so many delicious toppings, from meaty chilli to tuna mayo to fresh Mexican salsa.

A simple swap and you can help reduce the sugar rush and keep your energy levels on a much more even keel.

Top tip: Whack it in the microwave for 10 minutes before baking in the oven to cut down cooking time!

Egg & Chips

Comfort food egg chipsEgg and chips, the perfect kid-friendly comfort food. For a healthy alternative to chips, slice some sweet potato into wedges, sprinkle with vegetable oil and bake at 230°C for 30 minutes until crispy.

Top tip: Make your own baked beans for a protein and fibre-filled side to this family favourite.

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Comfort food cauliflower pizzaCauliflower pizza crust is the ultimate hidden-veg dish, and much easier to make than you’d think.

Simply cook a head of cauliflower and blitz in a processor to make your “dough”, and don’t forget to use a cheesecloth or tea towel to squeeze as much moisture out as you can manage.

Mix the cauliflower with egg, goats cheese, parmesan and seasoning and you’ve got a delicious gluten-free low-carb pizza base, ready for your favourite toppings before baking.

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Have we missed any? Tell us about your favourite healthy comfort food in the comments!