5 Perfect Beer Pairings To Compliment Your Dinner

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If you’re partial to a tipple at dinnertime you’ll know the lip-smacking satisfaction that comes with pairing a delicious meal with the perfect beer. But with so many tasty dinner ideas to choose from (both on and off the Gousto menu) and so many delightful drops on offer (both in and out of the Gousto Market) finding the perfect pairing can be a bit hit and miss. To help you get a feel for finding the right balance of heavenly hops and mouthwatering malt our good friends at HonestBrew have selected a few choice pairings to get you started…

IPA With Curry

A hoppy session IPA is the perfect thing to slice through the aromatic herbs and spices of a bold curry.  This beer refreshes the palate between bites in preparation for the next mouthful. Yeastie Boys’ Bigmouth Session IPA and Gousto’s Goan Prawn Balchao Curry With Basmati Rice is a fantastic pairing thanks to bold notes of tropical fruit, grapefruit and lemon that fade with a dry and bitter finish.

Pale Ale With Roasted Veggies

Roasted Veg Satay SkewersFrom robust grilled vegetables to hearty autumnal salads,  pale ales provide a light and refreshing pairing that mirrors the fresh, delicate and vibrant flavours packed inside all those vitamin and mineral rich veggies without overpowering what’s on your plate. Brighton Bier’s flagship pale ale is fruity, floral and pairs perfectly with Gousto’s Roasted Vegetable Satay Skewers and the accompanying fragrant coriander rice.

Red Ale With Chicken

As with any food and drink pairing, you don’t want to fall foul and overpower delicate flavours. Complementing and matching flavours is key, and since the white meat of chicken is rather delicate, but may well have been smothered in a rich marinade, a hoppy yet malty red ale makes for an excellent combination. The citrusy bitterness of Magic Rock’s Rapture will stand up wonderfully with Gousto’s delicious Curried Chicken And Sultana Rice.  The malty sweetness of the ale goes gloriously well with the sweetness of the sultanas.

Cider With Rich Creamy Sauces

Cider isn’t strictly for summer, and pairing it with heartier autumn and winter dishes will ensure it remains on the menu throughout the year. Cider can pair surprisingly well with creamier curries balancing the spices with a slight tartness and sweetness while also cutting through the richness. Which makes Cidersmiths a great companion for Gousto’s Ten-Min Creamy Chickpea Curry With Naan

Stouts and Porters With Lamb

Lamb Keema Pav with Turmeric Roast PotatoesStouts and porters are surprisingly versatile when it comes to food pairings. From spicy bowls of chilli, to pungent blue cheeses, indulgent desserts to earthy mushroom dishes, the classic beer style is more often right than it is wrong when it comes to culinary experimentation. The layers of spice and meatiness in Gousto’s tasty Lamb Keema Pav With Turmeric Roast Potatoes
pairs brilliantly with the bitter roastiness of a good stout such as Kinnegar’s Yannaroddy Porter for a complex and rewarding flavour combo.

And there you have it – 5 perfect beer pairings to try! Let us know how you go in the comments below and don’t forget that you can add any of the HonestBrew beers mentioned above to your box via the Gousto Market after you’ve ordered your recipes. Thirsty for more delicious pairings? Try our recipe for Chocolate Guinness Cup Cakes – just the thing to quench your craving and delight your sweet tooth.


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