When there’s no time… there’s Ten to Table

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We know you have a million things on your plate. That store-bought pizza in the oven is your saviour, but served with a side of disappointment. So we created something better…

Ten minute meals

Hang up on your local takeaway, put away that suspicious supermarket ready meal – because we’ve brought Ten to Table recipes to the Gousto menu, and they take just 10 minutes to cook. They’re packed with all the flavour and goodness of a Gousto recipe, but quick enough to fit into even the busiest schedule.

Ten to Table in a nutshell:

• Yes, it really is that quick!

Cooking these recipes for 4 people may take a couple of minutes longer, but you’ll still be serving up a homemade meal faster than you can with any other recipe kit out there.

ten minute recipes

• Quick doesn’t mean bland

These recipes taste nothing like supermarket-bought ready meals. We haven’t compromised on flavour, and you’ll get to use top quality ingredients including:

  • Beluga® Lentils from Merchant Gourmet: High fibre, high protein and full of flavour.
  • Quality Standard assured British beef strips.
  • Authentic Greek feta with P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) status.
  • British pak choi grown in the lush, green Vale of Evesham.
  • Oven-fired, hand-stretched coriander naans baked in the UK using traditional recipes and quality ingredients.

quote flavour• This isn’t cheating, it’s cooking cleverly

Cooking from scratch is the best way to cook, but it sometimes feels like you just don’t have the time. We’ve made it possible in 10 minutes by using easy-to-prep ingredients, ‘heat and eat’ grains and smart time-saving tricks for spectacularly speedy (and tasty) home cooking.

ten minute recipes 3

Here’s a closer look at three of the ten minute meals from the Ten to Table range:

Ten-Min Nutty Bang Bang Prawn Stir-FryTen-Min Nutty Bang Bang Prawn Stir-Fry recipe

Juicy prawns and crunchy pak choi are coated in a zingy, nutty bang bang sauce in this 10 minute wonder. There’s plenty to enjoy in terms of both texture and flavour in this dish!

Best for: A little adventure (in little time at all).

Ten-min Feta, Asparagus & Lentil Salad (V)Ten-Min Feta, Asparagus & Lentil Salad recipe

Merchant Gourmet’s Beluga® Lentils make a perfect base for asparagus and feta in this wholesome, flavoursome and filling salad. You’ll finish this dish feeling satisfied and guilt-free.

Best for: A health kick in a hurry

Chicken Fried Rice With Mange Tout, Spinach & BasilTen-Min Chicken Fried Rice With Mange Tout recipe

This dish’ll put a smile on your face and some fire in your belly – thanks to fresh chillies coupled with a whole heap of vegetables: mange tout, spinach, spring onions and fragrant fresh basil.

Best for: A super-quick chilli kick


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