9 Easy & Authentic Recipes That Capture The Flavours Of India

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India – most loved for its rich culture, beautiful bursts of colour and of course, its aromatic, hot, creamy, magnificently delicious food. From the complex layers of herbs and spices to the doughy fragrant naans, every mouthful of every dish is filled with exciting twists and turns – you don’t just enjoy the Indian cuisine, you experience it and all the culture of its heritage.

From the 16th of October Gousto will be giving you a Taste of India. We’ll be dishing up nine delicious Indian recipes from all over the diverse country that are so simple to create – your kids could even help too. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect to discover on our upcoming menus.

North India

  1. Creamy Chicken Makhani & Buttered Naan

    Chicken Makhani
    We start this Indian adventure in the heights of the north, where meals are thick and creamy with a hint of spice and a strong influence from surrounding Central Asia. This makhani is highly desired in northern Indian and will kick your taste buds into a frenzy of excitement. Think succulent chunks of juicy chicken doused in creamy, nutty cashew paste, then mixed together with a mild and creamy sauce… dreamy! Get the recipe.

  2. Punjabi-Style Black Dal With Cumin Rice

    Punjabi style black dal with cumin riceThis popular Indian dish was born way up in the north, close to the Pakistan border. Here the climate is extreme with burning hot summers and bitterly cold winters – making hearty comfort food, like this dish, the go-to. Punjab is known as the farming heart of India, producing plenty of diary. This dish uses clotted cream to make a delicious, rich and flavourful sauce to blend together the black lentils and kidney beans. It’s also packed full of spices with caring health benefits, like chilli which is rich in antioxidants and turmeric with its anti-inflammatory properties. Get the recipe.

    South India

  3. Chettinad Chicken Curry

    Chettinad Chicken CurryChettinad Chicken Curry is one of the most popular dishes in the south of India. Warm notes dance through the dish from black pepper – a core ingredient of this dish’s Tamil Nadu origins. This curry has a list of spices blended through it, including ginger which for many years has been an important Chinese medicine. Chettinad is a true beauty from the southern parts of India… and it’s curr-azy delicious! Get the recipe.

  4. Malabar-Style Cauliflower Curry & Basmati Rice

    Coconut is big in the south – it’s one of the main exports and has a big influence on southern Indian cooking. Get ready to be swept up by subtle, sweet and creamy flavours before you’ve even finished the first forkful. The unity of a mixture of religions has a strong influence on food originating in the Malabar region. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with the creamy coconut, tempered spices and crunchy, nutty bite of this South Indian delight. Get the recipe.

    East India

  5. Bengali Mustard Fish With Fragrant Rice

    Bengali Mustard Fish with Fragrant RiceTravelling to the East Coast – fresh seafood peppered with mustard seeds, chillies and a splash of mustard oil give a kick of deep and fiery flavour, which is a speciality in Bengal. This delicious blend of spices also harness some pretty special health benefits too, including vitamin E and B-complex, as well as cumin which helps with digestion. Our favourite feature of this dish is the way the layered paste clings to the fish to give it a distinctly rich, yet delicate East Indian flavour… mmmmagnificant. Get the recipe.

  6. Kolkata Aloo Paneer Curry & Buttered Naan

    Kolkata Aloo Paneer Curry with Buttered NaanPaneer, a beautifully succulent cheese which soaks up flavour like a sponge. Aloo paneer, also known as ‘Chanar Dalna’ is a household dish in Kolkata. The cumin and turmeric in this dish not only lift and blend beautifully together but are also great antioxidants. It’s wonderfully colourful and we love how fresh and zingy it tastes – perfect for a midweek pick-me-up. Get the recipe.

    West India

  7. Goan Prawn Balchao Curry With Basmati Rice

    Goan Prawn Balchao Curry with Basmati Rice…And finally, it’s time to spice things up in the west. With a strong influence from the long Portuguese colonial ruling, along with its lush green coastal vibes, this dish combines seafood with traditional techniques, like balchao. Balchao uses vinegar to preserve fish – this is what gives it the loud hot and sour notes, similar to a vindaloo. Get the recipe.

  8. Smoky Gujarati-style Aubergine Curry With Raita

    Gujarati style Aubergine Curry with RaitaTravelling along the West Coast, north to Gujarat. This is a vegetarian haven, traditionally using plenty of fresh vegetables and hearty lentils. This particular dish uses aubergine which is grilled to give it a deep and delicious smoky taste. The raita is a typical side or dip eaten all over India. Ours is made with yogurt, cucumber and ground cumin – adding a delightfully fresh accompaniment. Get the recipe.

  9. Lamb Keema Pav With Turmeric Roast Potatoes

    Lamb Keema Pav with Turmeric Roast PotatoesWe complete our journey in none other than the Indian street food capital, Mumbai. This dish, with its golden potatoes, minced lamb and tomato & onion side, is a hit on the street food scene. Cumin, coriander and tumeric are used to infuse the meal with not only flavour but also a variety of health benefits, including digestion and anti-inflammatory properties. Each mouthful will transport you to the bustling back alleys of the city where mouthwatering flavours fill the air (and your tummy). Get the recipe.

Tell us below which Indian dish takes your fancy, and have a look at our menu for all our current recipes.