6 Simple Homemade Teas To Boost Your Mood

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In these darker months (and in other months as well from time to time, it’s not like no one’s ever been sad in the Summer…) we need all the pick-me-ups we can get. If you’re on the lookout for a ‘quick win’ mood boost, here’s something you’ll be glad to hear: despite what gyms and fad diets tell us, we don’t necessarily need to throw money away or sacrifice all flavour in food and drink in order to feel happier and healthier!

Make your own tea

Here’s an easy – and almost free – way to boost your mood quickly: brew some homemade teas! These herbal teas (don’t baulk at the word ‘herbal’, these aren’t boring or fuddy-duddy) will help you get happy fast – ‘just add water’ doesn’t get much more literal than when you’re making a fresh tea. Best of all: these DIY teas are a great way to make use of leftover herbs or spices you might have lying around. Did we mention these brews seriously healthy as well?! Win, win.

Homemade Herbal Tea

Our favourite 6 herbal tea recipes

  1. Turmeric Latte
    Turmeric is a bit like root ginger but bright orange, less spicy and with just a hint of bitterness. Mix ground turmeric with some warmed milk and a dash of honey. It isn’t called ‘golden milk’ for nothing – it’s so disgustingly healthy we can’t even begin to name the benefits!
  2. Fennel Seed Tea
    This one’s great if you’re feeling bloated after a bit of a food binge and want to get things back on track with a soothing and refreshing herbal tea. Fennel has a natural sweetness, so no need for sugar.
  3. Raspberry Tea
    Any frozen raspberries hiding in the freezer? Sling them in a cup of hot water and give them a good old stir and you have yourself a fantastic vitamin C boost. There’s also the added bonus of not having to wait for your raspberry tea to cool down, as those frozen berries will cool the water just enough for a perfect cuppa.
  4. Lemongrass & Ginger Tea
    If you have any fresh lemongrass or ginger offcuts, steep them in boiling water and you’ll have yourself a zingy antioxidant hit that’ll make you feel on top of the world. Ginger is great for any kind of nausea, so this homemade tea is particularly good after you’ve had a big night. Not that we’d ever do that.
  5. Spiced Chai
    What happens when you add hot water to a cup containing a cinnamon stick, black pepper and a few cardamom pods and give it a stir? You end up with a delicious spiced chai tea that’s spicy and soothing in equal measure!
  6. Fresh Mint Tea
    If freshness is what you’re after, turn to mint to end up with the very freshest of teas. At Gousto, we drink this stuff all year round. Not only is it comforting, it works wonders when you’re bunged up with a cold and aids digestion like nothings else. Mint!

Up for giving these homemade herbal teas a try? Let us know which is your favourite in the comments!

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