How To Have A Cracking Easter Indoors

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It’s safe to say there’s never been an Easter like this one before.

So it’s totally understandable that many of us aren’t sure how we’ll spend it. But I have a plan. To feel inspired about staying in, I’ve looked up some fun, family-friendly ways to stay connected with those who matter most.

These are some ideas the team and I have come up with, and I’d love it if you shared yours using the hashtag #goustoweekly. Together, I’m certain we can make this the best (at home) bank holiday ever.

Easter Egg Hunt

Swap chocolates for clues, and watch as your kids, friends or partner riddles their way out of this in-home (and just as fun!) Easter egg hunt.

Click here to download the printable PDF.

Feed the hungry bunny

For this easy indoor game, draw a bunny on some cardboard, cut a hole each for the mouth and belly and throw some bean bags or ping pong balls at it. Who’s best at feeding the bunny? Belly is five points and mouth is 10!

Melt Easter Eggs Into Fondue

Got extra Easter eggs? Fondue them! Melt them down, skewer some fruit and marshmallows, and get stuck into this retro treat.

Chocolate fondue

Host an Easter Quiz Night

Stay connected with friends and family this holiday with a virtual pub quiz. The best thing about it? No need for a designated driver.

Hot Cross Bun On A Rope

Usually done with doughnuts, we decided to make this hilarious game more festive with hot cross buns.

String some buns on a rope, hang the rope at about hip height and line up your competitors. Rules are: Try and eat your entire hot cross bun hands free.

Have leftover hot cross buns? Use them up in our custardy, chocolatey Hot Cross Bun Bread And Butter Pudding Recipe. 

Cook a recipe with family over FaceTime

Easter is all about family. If cooking’s a tradition usually done together, try choosing a recipe you can all cook and do it over Skype or FaceTime so you won’t miss out on those special moments.

Britain’s Got Talent (But It’s In Your Living Room)

Think you’ve got The X Factor? Then why not host a lip-sync karaoke night with your best mates via Zoom! Ask everyone to pick tunes they know the words to, and get ready to give some Simon Cowell-style feedback.

Fill Your Home With Easter Treats

If you’re in the mood for cookies, bunny-shaped buns or no-bake treats, try some of these Five Easter Desserts Even Kids Could Make by Gousto’s Food Stylist and dessert chef Jenny. They’re perfect for using up those Easter eggs, and full of tips for beginner bakers.

Shake Up Some Easter Cocktails

For the easiest chocolate Easter cocktails, freeze some cocktail glasses for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, whizz up nutella, Bailey’s and vodka in a blender until frothy.

Top tip: For the little ones, whizz up the nutella with milk or almond milk. Delish!

Save some of that fondue chocolate, so you can dip the edge of your glasses in it. Once dipped, pour in your Bailey’s cocktail, grate some chocolate over and serve your snazzy Easter drinks.

Tin Can Bowling

If you’ve cooked a lot with tins over the past week, save six or 10 from the recycling bin for this fairground favourite. Stack them in a pyramid and see how many you can knock down at once!

Send A Card

As hard as we try to set my grandad up on FaceTime, it’s hit or miss whether he can hear us – and to be honest, it’s never the same as a big cuddle. So this weekend, my family and I have blocked some time out to hand make cards for those that mean the world to us.

Mine will hardly be masterpieces, but hopefully it’ll make up for some lost hugs!

How are you keeping the family (and yourself) entertained over the weekend? Are you cooking, crafting or coming up with your own ways to spend time together? Your amazing resourcefulness and ideas inspire these posts, so remember to use the hashtag #goustoweekly when you share!

Thank you for all your tips, advice and love on my previous post Helpful Ingredient Swaps When You Can’t Go Shopping – I’m thrilled it helped inspire you to cook more and use up what you have.

And a special shoutout to Linda (@cerelun) on Instagram for sharing her artichoke, caper and artichoke spaghetti inspired by 10 Simple Feasts You Can Whip Up From Tins – those bold flavours sound utterly delicious.

Stay safe and have a happy Easter!


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