White Hot Chocolate Snowstorm

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By Will Godfrey

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When it gets cold outside, sometimes the best thing to do is to curl up indoors and enjoy a bit of a treat. That’s just what this homemade white hot chocolate is! We all get so used to instant hot chocolate that it’s not hard to forget how good the real deal is – here’s your reminder!

We’ve gone with fully white ingredients to create this ‘snowstorm’ drink, letting you bring a little of that the Winter weather inside (without the wind and cold, of course). We’re not gonna lie, it’s made out of cream, milk and chocolate, so it’s definitely a once in a while sort of thing, but it’s seriously good at sorting out any sugar cravings and it’s so easy it’s silly. If you’re really worried about too much of a good thing, divide the hot chocolate into a few smaller glasses, there’s plenty to go round!


  • 100g white chocolate
  • 250ml milk
  • 150ml double cream
  • a few scoops of vanilla ice cream


1. Beat a 100g bar of white chocolate with a rolling pin to break it up into pieces
2. Combine the white chocolate pieces, milk and double cream in a saucepan
3. Stir the mixture over a low heat until the chocolate has fully melted and combined with the cream and milk, then remove from the heat
4. Add a few scoops of ice cream into a tall glass
5. Fill with the creamy chocolate mixture
6. Grate any leftover white chocolate on top for decoration

Such a simple recipe, but such a delicious result! Give it a try and home and let us know how you get on in the comments!

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