Clever ways to reuse your Gousto Box

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If you’ve had a recipe box from us in the last few weeks you will have seen their new summer look – we hope you like them! Our boxes, ice packs and woolcool insulation help our ingredients get to you in the best possible condition, but it’s hard not to notice that people have been finding lots of other uses for them as well!

We have to hand it to our customers – they’re super creative when it comes to reusing their Gousto boxes! The boxes are 95% recyclable, but that’s no reason why they shouldn’t be used for a bit of fun once the ingredients inside them have been unpacked!

Here are some clever ways you can reuse your Gousto recipe box:

Hack the heatwave by building a makeshift sun shelter… 

Or give your pets a new cardboard playground!  

(It works for kids too!)

Gousto packaging is multi-purpose before recycling! #goustocooking

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Our woolcool can even help pets to have fun in the sun!

In fact, pretty much all pets seem to love Gousto… even guinea pigs!

Our woolcool makes a great nest for chickens:



While our boxes let kids sail the seas at home… 

Once you’ve collected a few, you can build a box fort!

They can be fun for adults too – you can turn your woolcool into a jumper!

or even a draught excluder!


Have you found a use for our boxes that we haven’t mentioned? What’s your favourite of the ideas above? Let us know in the comments, or share a pic with us @goustocooking!


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