5 Ways To Upcycle Your Gousto Packaging

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With environmental issues like plastic pollution and food waste becoming a bigger global problem every year the team at Goutso are working hard to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We’ve always been passionate about reducing food waste with the precisely measured ingredients in our recipe boxes and the majority of our packaging is already fully recyclable. This year we’ve set ourselves the goal of removing 50% of plastic packaging from our boxes by the end of 2019.

But reducing and recycling is only part of the puzzle – reusing is important too.  From rocket ships to trinket pots, there is no end to the possibilities of what your Gousto packaging can become once you have unpacked your fresh ingredients and finished your meal. And with so many fun upcycling ideas shared with us every day, we wanted to pass on the inspiration.

There’s more than a couple of ways to give the humble cardboard box and plastic pot a second profession, but here are a few ideas to get you started…

Create A Palace For Your Pet

The most common (and arguably the cutest) upcycle for the Gousto box is the pet house. A great for your furry friends to share the Gousto love. You could even add a lick of paint for a personalised design if your favourite feline or precious pooch prefers the finer things in life. Here are some of our favourite pet dens to spark your creativity…

Get Crafty

Although the plastic food packaging can be recycled, it often has another use in it before fulfilling its destiny of ending up in the recycling bin. You’ll find it so easy to give these small plastic pots a function beyond what they were originally meant for, creating items you simply can’t live without, without too much expense, and without too much effort.

The plastic tubs containing sauces like mustards, clotted cream, and tomato paste can be re-used easily as children’s craft accessories. Pour paint, glue or water in them to help with the next big project! Keep a few empty so they can mix their own colours and watch them combine colours to create vibrant purples and murky, puddle water, browns.

Play Dress-Up

Forget expensive gaming consoles, remote control cars and dollhouses, a cardboard box is the ultimate toy. Yes, it’s simple. Yes, it’s plain, but that’s what makes it special. Now, we wouldn’t recommend wrapping an empty box for your daughter on Christmas morning or presenting one to your son on his birthday – we’re not completely crazy. But we are definitely firm believers that the simple joy of letting your childlike imagination run wild and transforming your Gousto box into a robot costume, an aeroplane, a sailboat or pretty much anything else with your kids is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon.

Here are a few ideas of how to keep your little ones amused with minimal mess and a whole lot of fun!

Stay Organised

For our grown-up crafters; you can use the little tubs to create cute trinket pots for your rings, cufflinks, clothes pegs, spare buttons, or just about anything! Simply remove the labels and writing off the pots by applying acetone nail polish remover to a cotton pad and rubbing directly on to the pot in a circular motion. Once it’s all off, redecorate with whatever you please and pop your new trinket pot in pride of place on your dressing table or window sill.

Re-Use Plastic Wrap To Create A Masterpiece:

The plastic wrapping over food in Gousto boxes helps to keep your ingredients fresh. If you’re as keen as we are for all elements of Gousto packaging to be reused then rinsing and re-covering other foods with the wrapping is the simplest and most commonly used recycling technique for this material, but this isn’t exactly upcycling. If you’d rather use it to create a masterpiece with your little ones then get ready to channel your inner Picasso and embrace the artist within.

When unwrapping the food, be sure to do so carefully, cutting up in a straight line to ensure as much of the wrapping is salvaged as possible. Give the film a rinse and place it somewhere, flat, so it can dry ready for you to use when you can. When you are ready to use the plastic, ensure it is clean and dry. Grab a small piece of cardboard or thick paper and put a few splodges of different colour paints on it, cover the cardboard and paint with the film and tuck in the edges. Now you and the kids can start to move the paint around with your hands through the plastic and create some fun and interesting abstract paintings. Ensure you remove the plastic carefully before the paint dries to avoid smudging those works of art!

Thought of an upcycling idea that we haven’t featured? Share your project in the comments or send us a picture on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @goustocooking. Or if you’re looking for more ideas on how to reduce your plastic use check out our blog on 9 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste.


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