Gousto prices – how much does a Gousto box cost?

Gousto is a leading meal delivery service that sends delicious dinners to thousands of happy customers nationwide. Our menu of over 75 recipes changes each week and includes a wide range of tasty meals for you to choose from – including family favourites, speedy 10 minute meals, plus lots of veggie, gluten free, and plant-based options.

What is the price of a recipe box?

The price of your recipe box will depend on how many recipes you choose, and whether you want them for 2 people, or 5 people. The more recipes that you order, the less you’ll pay per portion, with prices starting at £2.99 per serving.

Gousto Food Boxes Prices:

Box Size Recipes Price Per Serving  Box Price 
5 person box 3 recipes £3.67 £54.99
5 person box 2 recipes £4.30 £42.99
4 person box 5 recipes £2.99 £59.80
4 person box 4 recipes £3.19 £50.99
4 person box 3 recipes £3.65 £43.75
4 person box 2 recipes £4.09 £32.75
3 person box 5 recipes £3.93 £58.99
3 person box 4 recipes £4.17 £49.99
3 person box 3 recipes £4.55 £40.99
3 person box 2 recipes £5.17 £30.99
2 person box 5 recipes £4.40 £43.99
2 person box 4 recipes £4.50 £35.99
2 person box 3 recipes £5.17 £30.99
2 person box 2 recipes £6.50 £25.99
1 person box 5 recipes £6.80 £33.99
1 person box 4 recipes £7.25 £28.99
1 person box 3 recipes £8.00 £23.99
1 person box 2 recipes £9.50 £18.99

All prices exclude £3.99 delivery and any introductory discount

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† Price is based on a standard 5 recipe box for 4 people with a subscription, excluding £3.99 delivery