The Secret To Authentic Bolognese

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During this third week of our Journey Through Italy, we’re stopping off in Renaissance city of Bologna before heading to the rolling hills of Tuscany and Abruzzo. Rich with vineyards and farms, these regions produce the most naturally flavourful ingredients, which is central to the simplicity of Italian cuisine.

Learn to make authentic Bolognese with a splash of milk in Bologna

Gousto Bolognese Ragù With PappardelleThis dish needs no introduction (but we’ll do one anyway). Authentic ragù alla Bolognese starts with quality meat; beef, pork and bacon lardons, combined to give the dish an incredible depth of flavour. Enhance the richness of the sauce with fresh tomatoes and a splash of milk, true Bolognese-style. Bellissimo!

“We’ve used authentic ingredients to show you what a traditional spag bol is meant to taste like!” Jordan, Gousto Chef

To get hold of this recipe for yourself, look out for Bolognese Ragù With Pappardelle on this week’s menu.

Savour traditional country side flavours in Tuscany

Gousto Tuscan Minestrone With Lemon & Basil

Minestrone is a thick soup packed with veg, enjoyed all over Italy. In this verde (green) version, you’ll be transported to Tuscany by a native ingredient – cavolo nero, also known as Tuscan kale. Softened leeks bring a buttery sweetness to the soup, which is finished off with a bright lemon & basil salsa.

“This minestrone is different to what you’re used to, thanks to the fresh flavours of the Tuscan countryside!” Jordan, Gousto Chef

Fill your kitchen with the fresh smell of basil and lemon by adding Tuscan Minestrone With Lemon & Basil to your Gousto box this week.

Discover pistachio pesto in Abruzzo

Gousto Abruzzi Lamb Rump with Balsamic TomatoesAbruzzo is famous for its lamb dishes as the rolling hills are perfect for grazing sheep. Lamb is an important part of the traditional diet and is often paired with simple flavours like rosemary and garlic. You’ll do the same, making a creamy pistachio pesto and agrodolce (sweet and sour) roasted tomatoes.

“Although Italy isn’t known for its use of lamb, it’s a hugely important part of Abruzzi cuisine.” Jordan, Gousto Chef

Add Abruzzi Lamb Rump with Balsamic Tomatoes to your box and get everything you need to make your own pistachio pesto at home.

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