Send Your Taste Buds On A Journey Through Italy

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6 weeks. 11 regions. 15 recipes.

Passport ready? Our Journey Through Italy will take you from the Alpine hills of the north down to the sunbaked beaches of Sicily. You’ll experience authentic flavours, discover new ingredients, and learn to cook like a true Italian. Get ready to turn your kitchen into a trattoria*!

*A trattoria is an Italian restaurant with a friendly, casual vibe.

Experience authentic flavours

Starting in the cool shadow of the Alps, our journey will whisk you through the seaside towns of the Italian Riviera, stopping off in glamorous Milan. Then onwards to the romantic canals of Venice, the arched colonnades of Bologna, and the bustling streets of Rome, before arriving on the sunny shores of Calabria and Sicily.

We’ve chosen every stop on our route with flavour in mind, so you can taste truly authentic Italian dishes from a range of regions, and cook with a variety of ingredients traditionally used by Italian chefs. We can’t wait for you to try ‘nduja!

Discover new ingredients

The beauty of Italian cuisine lies in its simplicity. The luscious landscape produces such naturally delicious ingredients, the best recipes are the ones that let the flavours of those ingredients shine through.

With this in mind, most of the recipes on our journey shine a spotlight on exciting ingredients from the area. You’ll be making your own pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes and bacon, tearing fiery ‘nduja sausage over pizza, and infusing risotto with squid ink.

Learn to cook like a true Italian

Italian chefs don’t rush their cooking. They marinate, they infuse, they take great care over the flavours in their food, dedicating time to their craft, making sure they do justice to all those tantalising tastes.

We’ve taken all that gastronomic wisdom and created 15 easy-to-follow recipes, so you can confidently add the best Italian tricks to your cooking repertoire.

By the end of this journey, we hope you’ll be converted to homemade sauces, making your own Bolognese ragù with a splash of milk, and your own Genovese pesto in your pestle and mortar.

Turn your kitchen into a trattoria

Who’s excited? It’s easy to join the journey and discover these recipes for yourself. We’ll be releasing three new recipes each week onto our menu, working our way south through Italy dish by dish.

Week 1

Piedmontese Chicken Cacciatore with Herbed Orzo

Genovese Pesto Gnocchi with Green Beans

Milanese Rump Steak with Buttered Potatoes

Week 2

Venetian Risotto with Squid Ink & Pan-Fried Cod

Emilia-Romagnese Butternut Squash & Sage Lasagne

Venetian Chicken Scaloppine with Green Beans

Week 3

Bolognese Ragù with Pappardelle

Tuscan Minestrone with Lemon & Basil

Abruzzo Lamb Rump with Balsamic Tomatoes

Week 4

Roman Pizza Parmigiana with Aubergine

Amatriciana Spaghetti with Bacon

Amalfi Risotto with Jumbo Prawns

Week 5

Calabrese Pizza with ‘Nduja

Trapanese Pesto Linguine with King Prawns

Sicilian Pasta Alla Norma with Aubergine

To experience these Italian meals for yourself, look out for the Journey Through Italy logo as you choose your weekly recipes.


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