The Future Of Dinnertimes

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Here at Gousto, we love family dinner times. Helping busy households serve up over 2.5 million meals every month, we believe evening meals are something you should be able to look forward to, not dread.

We always want you to enjoy mealtimes on your terms, which is why we’re always trying to understand how we can make them better (and more importantly, fun!)

How will the evening meal look in the future? Will we be doing things differently in 15 years time? Will the weekly shop become a thing of the past?

It wasn’t enough to just ask ourselves these questions, instead together with leading futurologist, Dr Morgaine Gaye, we’ve launched our Future of British Dinnertimes Report. We’re excited about what it has uncovered!

TV dinners are out and time spent together is in.

The good news is, in the not too distant future dinner times, will be more about time spent together and less about the TV dinner. We don’t know about you, but we’re delighted to learn that the future will involve more cherished dinner time moments – more time spent cooking and eating together.

Dinnertimes personalised to your health

We’ll also wave goodbye to ‘one size fits all’ diet plans. Health is becoming more personal and as we look 15-20 years into the future, this is only going to continue with meals that are perfectly tailored for particular health benefits.

That’s not all – tuck in to our report here or for a snack-sized portion, take a glimpse of our infographic below.


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