Healthy Eating: Are Brits On The Right Track? We Asked The Nation What They Really Think

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Does the thought of eating 60 grams of salt a day make you reach for the shaker, or shiver with fright? If you like your food super seasoned, you might think that 60g – rather than 6g – is your daily recommended intake.

You wouldn’t be alone, either. 10% of the people we asked in our Healthy Eating Index report thought the same.

We’re crazy about food at Gousto. Cooking it, eating it, sharing it with friends and family. So in order to get people enjoying more easy home cooked meals, we dug into what ‘healthy eating’ means to them.

The Research

To get a real idea, we asked 5000 people from around the country about their aspirations and realities around cooking, hoping to get to the bottom of how we can really help make home cooking an everyday habit.

The Results

Amazingly, the largest percentage of any question asked was an 85% – the number of us who want to eat healthier. Knowing that people want to make a positive change to their diets is great news

It’s understandable too, as with an abundance of readily available fast food, grabbing a takeaway after a long day can seem like the only option.

Sadly, it means 69% of the 5000 asked admitted to repeating their meals at least once a week, with nearly a quarter (21%) regularly choosing convenience food and ready meals over fresh food.

The Fix

The thought of so many dissatisfying dinners makes us sad! And, even more determined to get well balanced, perfectly portioned meals on the nation’s table.

By taking away the nasties and replacing them with vibrant veg, Gousto gives you 30 new options a week, bringing back healthy, nutritious possibilities for every kind of dinner.

Brand spokesperson, Joe Wicks, knows balancing healthy eating with a busy schedule can be tricky. “Eating well is on everyone’s agenda, but many of us are struggling to get in the kitchen”, he told us.

As a health coach and new dad, he knows what a busy day looks like, but rather than revert to ‘easy’ options Joe says, “We need to fuel our bodies in the right way, with nutritious, home-cooked meals that are fundamental to getting us and those we love through the day.”

After our research found that 45% of parents worry about their children’s eating habits, Joe and parents like him will be pleased to hear that our recipes have approval of Registered Nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed.

“You know what’s in your food because you’re cooking from scratch”, says Charlotte, a specialist in Maternal, Infant and Child Nutrition. Charlotte likes the transparency of our recipes, which amongst calories, carbs, fibre and protein, lists the amount of salt featured.

She told us: “It’s concerning that so few people are unaware of what is the recommended amount of salt, as it is present in a lot of microwave and ready meals.”

Though we may not be completely clued up on exact measures, we Brits know what healthy eating feels like, and the vast majority of us want to do more of it. But with busy schedules, we’re choosing the ‘easy’ option too often.

But no more. Gousto are here to help: putting tasty, precise ingredients together to make home cooking for your family easy again. Minimal mess, maximum flavour, and more time spent enjoying healthy food.

So what are you waiting for? Put down the salt shaker and step away from the microwave. A Gousto box, filled with easy to follow recipes and fresh, hand picked ingredients, is just a click away.