Gousto’s 2019 Gender Pay Gap Report

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Let’s get serious for a moment. A responsible business has a duty to strengthen the career of every single employee, wouldn’t you agree? That’s what we think.

Dedicated to the success of all our workforce, gender regardless, at Gousto we fundamentally believe that equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we’re doing.

Which brings us to the results of our gender pay gap analysis.

What is the gender pay gap?

Reported annually by companies with over 250 employees, the gender pay gap is a piece of government legislation that shows the average difference between pay for men and women, irrespective of role and seniority.

The report is separate to equal pay, which is about men and women being paid the same for carrying out work of equal value. Our rigorous salary reviews and promotion audits give us complete confidence that we meet our equal pay obligations here at Gousto.

That being said, as one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech businesses, we’re acutely aware of the gender pay gap in our sector being higher than the UK average. We’ve already driven a 5% uplift in the number of female tech employees compared to a year ago, but the problem is much broader.

What’s changed?

In 2019, we’ll be collaborating with the wider industry to make a collective difference, to work towards women being better represented, and look at how we can support the widening of the talent pool.

Last year, our mean pay gap was 29%. Whilst there are huge improvements to be made, we’re proud to have made some progress with a 4% uplift of women in senior roles.

Guiding our action plan for the future, the gender pay gap is a hugely valuable tool, which helps us understand why our business and industry is missing out on female talent.

What’s next for Gousto?

The gender pay gap report has helped us to sharpen our plans to attract, retain and develop a diverse talent pool. In 2019, we’re committed to building Gousto into a company where women come to succeed.

  • Creation of a balanced workforce
  • Establishment of an inclusive culture at every stage of an employee’s journey – from onboarding to management training courses and mentoring
  • Inspiring women into tech via female focused meetups, in-house events and more
  • Increasing women in senior management and tech roles by the end of 2019

Gender Pay & Bonus Gap


Difference between men and women Mean Average Median Middle 
Gender Pay Gap 29% 33%
Gender Bonus Gap -49% 0%


Proportion of employees receiving 2018 bonus

Males receiving a bonus payment 4%
Females receiving a bonus payment 2%


Pay quartiles (proportion of males and females in each pay quartile)

Upper Middle Quartile Lower Middle Quartile Lower Quartile
34% female,
66% male
48% female,
52% male
48% female,
52% male
70% female,
30% male

CEO & Founder of Gousto, Timo Boldt confirms the above is accurate of the 2018 gender pay gap