Local Farming

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At Gousto we’re dedicated to sourcing local food from reputable British suppliers and local farms who uphold our high standards in sustainability and welfare. We believe that minimising food miles and sourcing locally grown produce is vital for the creation of quality recipes. As well as being kinder to the environment, the less far your food has travelled the less it nutrients are lost and the better it tastes. That’s why we guarantee that all of the meat we send you is 100% British food and sourced directly from local farms. From nature’s doorstep right through to your plate, it’s all accountable.

Naturally there are times when we need to make exceptions to this, for example when sourcing the more exotic ingredients needed for our international cuisine, such as our halloumi and feta cheese. In order to capture those authentic flavours, our purchasing team go to great lengths to source top quality products from trusted and reputable suppliers. When we do source ingredients outside of the UK, this will always be clearly labelled on the ingredients and where possible we will always try to minimise the distance your ingredients travel.

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We do everything we can to source local British food from local farms and suppliers. We choose to buy locally grown produce like our British tomatoes because we believe it’s better for the environment, better for the economy and better tasting. We even buy our award-winning free-range eggs from a farmer based a mere 2 miles from our warehouse. The Gousto sourcing team are continually working to find new reputable suppliers of quality local food, so that every Gousto meal is packed with local farm fresh goodness.

Delivering quality, pre-portioned ingredients with step-by-step recipe cards, Gousto enables you to take pride in your culinary creations without any of the usual faff. Simply choose recipes you love from our weekly menu and cook delicious meals with zero food waste. With free delivery nationwide and a variety of meals to cater to every diet, healthy, home-cooked food is only a Gousto box away.

A Gousto box with fresh food