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Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean eating like a rabbit. Home cooked food from fresh ingredients is widely recognised as the requisite of a balanced diet; richer in vital nutrients than anything processed and free from unnatural preservatives. Gousto enables even inexperienced cooks to eat healthy recipes from the comfort of their homes with ease. Rather than indulging in regrettable takeaways, crash dieting on unsatisfying raw foods or opting for microwave meals from your local convenience store, Gousto provides you with everything you need to create culinary magic and enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

A balanced diet starts with a balanced meal, which is why all of our recipes have been designed by our team of expert chefs and nutritionists to provide a good balance of protein, carbs and vegetables. Gousto recipes are tailored to the seasons as well as your appetite, using only seasonal vegetables and high quality meat, and designed to fuel you for the weather. Our weekly menu is loaded with choices to please every diet and palate; from superfood-packed salads to gastropub comforts, with calories and nutritional information clearly outlined.

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Cooking our healthy recipes makes a balanced diet so much more achievable, and you’ll have great fun learning new recipes in the process! Ultimately healthy eating starts with whole foods, which is why we only provide quality ingredients containing no unnatural chemicals or additives, just pure wholesome goodness. We believe that the closer to nature your ingredients are, the more balanced and nutritious your food will be. Try it yourself, cook your way to a balanced diet with our latest menu of healthy recipes.

Delivering quality, pre-portioned ingredients with step-by-step recipe cards, Gousto enables you to take pride in your culinary creations without any of the usual faff. Simply choose recipes you love from our weekly menu and cook delicious meals with zero food waste. With free delivery nationwide and a variety of meals to cater to every diet, healthy, home-cooked food is only a Gousto box away.

A Gousto box with fresh food