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Our trusted suppliers are the lifeblood of Gousto. They provide the quality, high welfare farm foods that go into each and every Gousto box. Our sourcing team work tirelessly to form lasting relationships with trusted, local suppliers who can provide us with the very best farm foods for our recipes.

Our diverse suppliers ensure that our recipes have something for everyone, from responsibly sourced fish and prawns, to gourmet produce such as Castellano's artisan charcuterie and unique ingredients like Green & Black's Dark Chocolate or Indonesian Long Pepper from Peppermonger's.

We value sustainability, and are passionate about limiting the food miles between our farm foods and your plate, which is why we're continually working to form partnerships with local suppliers who are based in close proximity to our storehouse in Lincolnshire. We will never cut corners on our produce, and will never source ingredients from any suppliers that do not comply with our standards of responsible farming, welfare and sustainability.

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Content Suppliers

We're also passionate about food provenance and are dedicated to providing quality, local produce from trusted suppliers like Yeo Valley, who supply our fantastic dairy ingredients.

We regularly visit our trusted suppliers to see the quality of their produce first hand and ensure that our high standards are always maintained. The result is quality British farm food that we can stand behind. If you have any questions about where your Gousto ingredients come from, simply drop us an email at info@gousto.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Delivering quality, pre-portioned ingredients with step-by-step recipe cards, Gousto enables you to take pride in your culinary creations without any of the usual faff. Simply choose recipes you love from our weekly menu and cook delicious meals with zero food waste. With free delivery nationwide and a variety of meals to cater to every diet, healthy, home-cooked food is only a Gousto box away.

A Gousto box with fresh food