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Top Five Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Tongs

This gadget may seem obvious but you will know what a nightmare your kitchen is without a pair of these bad boys. While most people tend to reach for the tongs only for a barbeque they deserve a bigger place in the kitchen all year round.  These babies will allow you to turn your steaks without getting all that horrible oil all over yourself. Win-win.


Peeler ​­

The peeler, one of the most underrated utensils in a chef’s arsenal. It is typically degraded to just peeling endless potatoes but you can achieve so much more if you want to get creative. If your knife skills aren’t top notch don’t worry, break out the peeler and simply peel lengths off veg like courgette and carrots to make quick cooking ‘ribbons’.

Microplane grater

There is nothing great about grating, it’s the bane of the foodie’s life. But the mircoplane is basically a fancy hand­held grater. It’s razor sharp with tiny holes that make zesting a doddle. Here at Gousto, we use it to grate garlic, ginger and frozen chillies, as well as cheese, nutmeg and even chocolate shavings, although not at the same time that’d just be weird.


There are a few things a chef just cannot live without and on top of that list is of course, knives. But you don’t need a massive, shiny collection. The two knives you’ll only ever really need are a sharp ‘chefs’ knife, which will be your friend forever. Just make sure you sharpen it regularly. And a small serrated ‘tomato’ is your chef’s right hand man. It will make light work of dicing onions or slicing tomatoes.


Rubber spatula 

We have all been there, that dreaded moment experienced by all foodies, scraping the pan. There is always that little bit that is annoyingly stubborn, refusing to move and taunting you till you give up. But those days will all be over when you get yourself a rubber spatula. This handy utensil enables you to scrape EVERYTHING out of the pan so stubborn mash, beware!