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Organic Food and its Benefits | Gousto Organic Food

With Gousto, you can enjoy all the benefits of organic food without the need to trawl through the supermarket. This is because our expert sourcing teams spend huge amounts of time finding quality organic ingredients for you to enjoy at home each week.


So what is organic food?

Organic food is food produced using environmentally and animal friendly methods on organic farms. Organic crops must be grown in safe soil and have no genetic modifications, such as artificial fertilisers or preservatives. Organic livestock must have access to the great outdoors and enjoy the very highest welfare standards. Animals must also not be given antibiotics or growth hormones.


What are the benefits of organic food?

Conventional farming techniques use synthetic pesticides that often remain in the food that ends up on our plates. Organic food does not contain such pesticides, which is a benefit for us all. Since organic food also doesn’t contain preservatives, it is often fresher – and fresher food tastes much better! Finally, animals that are raised organically get more access to fresh air – resulting in healthier, happier animals!


Organic food with Gousto


Organic produce at Gousto

At Gousto, we use organic produce wherever possible in our recipes. In fact, all of our vegetables are organic and come from local suppliers. Our meat comes from a family owned farm in Devon and our responsibly sourced fish comes straight from our fishmonger in Scotland.

As a result, you can be sure the food you receive in our weekly deliveries is not just of the highest quality, but also contains all the health benefits of organic produce.