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Seasonal ingredients… this week: Aubergine

Seasonal ingredients… this week: Aubergine

One of the seasonal ingredients this July is aubergines, so why not try a recipe with them? They can be used as a side dish, in salads, appetisers and used whole, cubed or sliced in a variety of recipes.. so give it a go!

They are very low calorie for those weight watchers and are a good source of minerals like iron.

A good tip is when choosing your aubergines make sure they have a shiny skin and are heavy.

Oh and since we love giving you tips here’s another! Add salt to the aubergines; weigh down each slice for 30-40 minutes as the liquid will drain out. Then rinse each one with cold water and dry. This should help to remove their bitter flavour.


Seasonal ingredients...this week: Aubergine