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By Sarah Wilson

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Gousto has been helping people create tasty, simple meals at home for over 5 years. In that time, we’ve seen our business grow significantly (when we started, the recipe kit market didn’t even exist!). Now, more families across the UK are cooking delicious recipes at home than ever before.

The world around us has changed, and it’s easier than ever to order food at the click of a button, but many things are still the same. We’re all looking for ways to be better, whether that’s being more healthy, more confident in our cooking, more adventurous in our tastes, or spending more time together over good food.

So, we’ve listened to our customers and developed more choice, more variety and more options. We’ve added gluten-free recipes and launched the Gousto Market for those little extras that make your meal complete. We’re more convenient than ever with delivery every day of the week. We’ve reduced our impact on the environment using sustainable printing solutions for our recipe cards, reduced our packaging and buy seasonal produce wherever possible. And we’ve continued to develop relationships with the amazing farmers, producers and suppliers who provide us with the best possible ingredients for our customers.

But what we hadn’t really done is create a brand that allowed us to tell our story and show what we value and care about. Until now.

gousto family cooking recipe box

Welcome to Gousto.

For us, good food is at the heart of our business and the heart of our new brand. Good food means knowing where your food comes from, and seeing what goes into it by cooking it yourself. Good food is about how you feel – it’s about nourishing recipes that taste great, have no nasties in them, and waste nothing.

gousto people together
We say “good food all round” because food is best shared: with friends, with family, with those you love. Cooking and eating with other people is how we turn food – our fuel – into a shared experience that makes happy memories, good conversation, and closer relationships with the people we really care about.

And our logo, icon and photography represents this.

Jerk Chicken & Pineapple Sandwich Recipe Gousto
Our new brand identity (and the way we talk) is about simplicity, just like our recipes.

Blackened Haddock Tacos with Spicy Mayo Recipe Gousto
We use red as our brand colour to represent fresh food, happiness and love.

The circle is a key element of our brand. Not only is it intrinsic to our name, but it represents plates of food and togetherness. You’ll see it used in our designs and our photography.

gousto icon with arrowOur new logo and icon feature the Gousto ‘smile’, something we hope you feel every time you see our brand, cook one of our dishes or share them with people you love.

Our brand values have also been updated to reflect what we really care about and what we want you to experience by using Gousto. They are:

Goodness: We believe in bringing the goodness back: good food, good quality, good company, good times shared.

Togetherness: We believe food is more than just fuel for our bodies. Sharing turns food into a broader, richer experience that brings people together (for longer than just the meal).

Longevity: We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and with suppliers who share our values. We’re working to reduce food waste, and to make a positive impact on the environment. We are growing a sustainable business.

Honesty: We believe there’s too much confusion about food. We’re here to cut through the noise with clear nutritional advice. We’re transparent about our food, our service and what we’re doing to make things better.

Empowerment: We believe everyone can cook and eat a good meal. Trust us to help you make the cooking bit work – and trust yourself to make it work for you.

gousto recipe cooking

We hope you share our values and our commitment to delivering on them now and in the future.

So, welcome to Gousto and “good food all round”. We’d love to know what you think.

Sarah Wilson
VP of Brand, Gousto


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