Recipe Spotlight: Bangin’ Sausage Sarnie

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The sausage sandwich is a long-standing British tradition. It’s a classic in greasy spoon cafes across the country, but there’s no one way to make a good sausage sarnie. Everyone has a different way to enjoy it, from brown sauce to friend onions to mounds of melting butter. We spoke to Chef Alice to find out more about our Bangin’ Sausage Sarnie recipe that’s on the menu this week.

Chef Alice

“The best way to cook a sausage, in my opinion, is to bake it. Baking sausages intensifies their flavour. The skin snaps and melts away, you get rid of quite a lot of the fat and you’re left with these really flavourful sausages. It’s the only way I cook sausages at home.”

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“I’ve cooked sausages for years and years and I haven’t found a better way of doing it, apart from the new way [Chef] Adam’s just come up with of splitting them to make patties – that’s another good way.”


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“The perfect partner for sausages is caramelised onions – they’re really sweet and soft. We have them cooked down with a little bit of Henderson’s Relish that helps to intensify their flavour and we put a little bit of sugar to help with the caramelisation. Sticky caremalised onions are IT. With a good sausage or a good steak you need some kind of condiment, and this is the perfect condiment.”

“We have cayenne pepper on the wedges which is pretty hot, and there’s quite a punchy rocket salad for freshness – it’s quite peppery! So on the side there’s a wholegrain mustard mayonnaise which cools everything down and tempers the dish. And then you’ve got our ciabatta which is really soft; we’ve tested loads of breads and we think this one’s the best. The recipe is a full on sausage sandwich hit.”

Summer and autumn versions of our Bangin’ Sausage Sarnie recipe


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“It’s a great recipe for two different seasons: summer because you can do the sausages on the barbecue (even though I recommend baking them!) and with the potato wedges and salad it feels like an outdoorsy, eat-in-the-garden dish. And then autumn is the other time: it’s perfect comfort food as the weather cool and ideal on bonfire night.”

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