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Recipe Give-away: Spiced Lamb Neck Fillet with Beans and Potatoes

Spiced Lamb Neck Fillet with Beans and Potatoes

This is a recipe where simplicity and integrity of ingredients holds court. Succulent lamb necks are rubbed with a subtle ras-el-hanout spice mix before they are briefly fried and finished in the oven. We love this spice rub and it could not be simpler. Just take two parts ras-el-hanout (literally meaning “best spice of the shop”) and one part fine salt, mix together and sprinkle all over the lamb to evenly coat.

Pan-frying the meat over a high heat promotes delicious caramelisation caused by the Maillard reaction followed by a quick blast in the oven. The slightly salty, browned crust contracts excellently with the juicy interior of the meat. Fresh green beans, meltingly soft onions and buttery soft baby new potatoes complete this feast for the whole family.