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Recipe Give-away: Honey Roasted Beetroot with Warm Bulgar and Beans

Honey Roasted Beetroot with Warm Bulgar and Beans

Beetroot, honey and thyme are a combination to go crazy for due to its plethora of health benefits and winning flavour combinations. The beetroot’s  sweetness is enhanced by honey and complimented by thyme, which retains it own sharp flavour, and walnuts have also been invited along to this roasted treat, bringing a great crunchy texture! Walnuts are rich in good fat and high performing antioxidants. The mighty beet is also proving its worth as a super food. In the times of the Ancient Greeks the beet was prescribed to people to cure fevers, anaemia, and diseases of the digestive and lymphatic systems.

Finally to top all of this off, the pairing of black eyed beans and bulgar wheat in this recipe ensure that you still gain all 8 essential amino acids from this dish, even in the absence of meat and dairy products. Oh yes, and it contains 4 of your 5-a-day.

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Honey Roasted Beetroot

Honey Roasted Beetroot