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Cumberland Sausage Casserole Recipe

RECIPE: Cumberland Sausage Casserole with Mashed Potato

Bangers and mash first became popular during World War I and they’ve been a national staple ever since. The name ‘banger’ allegedly came from the sound the wartime sausages made when they were fried. You probably won’t hear the ‘bang’ when you fry yours though because today’s sausages don’t need to be ‘stretched’ with water which means they don’t boil and pop in the pan!

We’ve replaced the classic gravy accompaniment with a bacon, tomato and kidney bean sauce to create something rich, hearty and sure to satisfy the whole family. Here’s the skinny on our go-to sausage casserole recipe.

Kcal/fat/prot: 962 / 47g / 61g (/pers)
Origin: Britain
Prep time:  40 min

INGREDIENTS for 2 (for 4):
4 (8) Cumberland sausages
400g (800g) Potatoes
1 (2) Tin of Kidney beans
1 (2) Medium onion
2 (4) Tomatoes
10g (20g) Fresh thyme
1 tsp (2 tsp) Chilli flakes
100g (200g) Streaky bacon
1 (2) Chicken stock cube
2 (4) Garlic cloves

You need: Vegetable oil, Salt, Pepper, Butter (optional), Milk

1) Boil a kettle. Peel the potatoes and cut them all to roughly equal size (approx. 4cm chunks). Add the potatoes and a pinch of salt (optional) to a pot of boiling water and boil for 15 min or until you can pierce them easily with a fork.

2) Remove the thyme’s leaves and discard the stems. Crush the garlic with the side of a knife, peel it and chop finely. Peel the onion(s) and chop it and the tomatoes coarsely. Cut the bacon into pieces (approx. 3cm)

3) Add 1-2 tbsp of vegetable oil to a large pan on a medium heat. Once the oil is hot, add the sausages and cook for 6 min or until browned all over. Remove the sausages and set aside.

4) Add the bacon to the sausage pan and cook for 4 min or until cooked through and browned all over. Reduce the heat to medium and add the garlic and onion. Cook for 3 min or until the onion is soft. Add the chilli flakes (careful, adjust the amount to your preferred hotness).

5) Return the sausages to the pan. Add the tomato and 200ml of water. Add the stock cube(s) and stir to dissolve. Simmer for 10-15 min or until the sausages are cooked through and a thick sauce remains.

6) Meanwhile, drain the potatoes and return to the pot on a low heat. Add 60ml of milk and a knob of butter (optional) and mash. Season to your taste with salt and pepper.

7) Drain and rinse the kidney beans then add to the pan. Heat the sauce until it is boiling. Tip: if the sauce becomes too dry, gradually add a few tbsp of water.

8) Add the thyme and season to your taste with salt and pepper. Serve the the sausage casserole with the mashed potato.

Do you have an awesome sausage casserole recipe of your own that you’d love to tell us about? Share your thoughts and photos in the comments below.