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Chef Alice’s Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin cakes

The American dream incarnate

Like so many Yankee crazes that are eventually appended to our culture like an uninvited guest we’re too polite to tell to go home, Halloween is well and truly here to stay. And in all its ghoulish glory, brings along an entourage of diabolical costumes, unhygienic festivities and a plague of pumpkin spiced…well everything. So you’ll have to forgive us for the brazen display of conformity that’s to follow on the Relish blog; the problem is we just really like pumpkin! A delicious, hearty, healthy root veg that works in savoury and sweet dishes and highlights nature’s outrageous design skills; what’s not to like.

So without further a boo! (sorry) here is Chef Alice’s very own homage to the humble pumpkin; combining both the decadent delight of an All-American breakfast with an innovative way to use up all that hollowed-out pumpkin mush. Because you know you just can’t resist outdoing your neighbour’s crappy attempt at pumpkin carving.


Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes with Bacon, Maple Syrup and Pecans (make about 6 big fat ones)

250g cooked butternut squash or pumpkin. The flesh scooped out and mashed with a fork or pulsed…

A devilishly delight to kick-start your day with, these really are freakishly tasty! Ok we’ll give it a rest now, honest.

Read the full recipe on her blog:

Chef Alice’s Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes