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Shaken Things Up

As if tasting scrumptious free food every week wasn’t perk enough to working at Gousto, we’re also jammy enough to get the odd freebie thrown in! Last week we were thrilled when our pals over at Shaken graced us with one of their fantastic cocktail kits, featuring all the essentials needed to create the pinnacle of city-slicking finesse, the Manhattan.


A Shaken cocktail kit unboxed

So how does it work?

Every month the booze fairies at Shaken deliver through your mailbox a neatly packaged box of titillating tipple, containing everything you need to create 2 classic and 2 modern cocktails, plus an extra slug of strong stuff thrown in for good measure. Their cocktail recipe cards detail the steps needed for both modern and classic recipes, as well as lots of fun information about the origin of the cocktail and the quality of the liquors included – reassuringly not from Tesco’s value plonk aisle!

cocktail study

The creative team take their booze seriously

The back of the card also includes some useful tips and techniques for those of us who have never graduated beyond pulling a pint, including how to taste-test your creations without making a mess or catching the lurgies.

The verdict!

A shaken cocktail kit is truly a thing to behold, but you will need a bit of space and some basic drinking apparatus to get the most out of it. We were limited to the confines of our (albeit swish) meeting room and unfortunately not in possession of the stylish martini glasses needed for the ultimate pizazz factor.

Saul reaction

Saul swaps his Bacardi breezer for a classier beverage

Nonetheless, being the MacGyver’s of the food world has lent us a certain aptitude for improvisation; low and behold Jaycee’s makeshift mixing jug.

jaycee Jar

Jaycee – shaken not stirred

Now it might have been our questionable mixing skills or possibly our Friday zeal, but we found our finished Manhattan to be pretty darn strong! It probably also didn’t help that we used a measuring jug better suited to holding litres of stock over millilitres of liquor. Nonetheless, the taste was on par with the offerings of London’s finer cocktail establishment and we were all pretty chuffed with the result.

 Presenting – The Goustohattan


Check out that orange swirl!

If you’d like to strut around like Tom Cruise in that cocktail movie and impress your friends with a finer drinking experience than last month’s lambrini bender, Shaken is the way to go!

Try Shaken today and get £5 off your first month by visiting: