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Seasoning for the well informed

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Salthouse & Peppermongers love what they do. Unsurprisingly, they do salt and pepper and, because they love it, they do it really, really, well.

This Specialist Mill Set is currently available in the Gousto Market, a special area on the Gousto website for customers to add extras to their boxes that is only available to people who have ordered a box before. Next time you get a box, you’ll see the option to add something extra to your box – make sure you check out this stunning set!

These mills use CrushGrind® technology, an innovation which means that peppercorns are actually stripped as they are crushed. This increases the surface area of the seasoning, leading to an extra aromatic flavour. The Gousto chefs use this mill set in our test kitchen and swear by them!

Added to a finished meal, seasoning can make it just right for an individual’s tastes. In a recipe, salt and pepper can take a dish to a whole new level. However you approach your seasoning, Salthouse & Peppercomongers are the undisputed champions of crystal crunching and peppercorn pressing.