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Introducing…Choice Organics

Introducing…Choice Organics 

Organic Vegetables

We’re obsessed with fruit, vegetables and herbs. From the humble carrot to rare breeds like the pattypan squash, we can’t help turning into screaming, swooning fans every time a new vegetable arrives in our kitchen.

We’re also passionate about organic food. It’s better for people and the planet, and it tastes a lot better!

We were initially a bit worried about finding a supplier who could provide us with the high quality produce we wanted and who also shared our enthusiasm for organic fruit and vegetables. But then we met Choice Organics.

Choice was founded over 20 years ago by Martin Freemantle, who grew up on a Hampshire farm and has spent his life in love with fruit and vegetables. The first time we met him, he treated us to an exposition of the virtues of his favourite cabbage (Sweet Heart) before waxing lyrical over his preferred variety of baked potato (Remarka). It was then that we knew that we were destined to be together.

Everyone at Choice really believes in the power of organic food and unlike some suppliers they source certified organic exclusively, so we can always be sure that you’re getting pesticide free produce when we order from them.

With all that passion and experience behind them, Choice are real experts on organic produce and they’ve taught us a whole lot about them. For one thing, we’ve been awakened to the real beauty of organic vegetables. Supermarkets famously only select the most conventionally attractive produce for their shelves, creating a huge amount of food waste.

If that wasn’t sad enough we can also report, having been to Martin’s warehouse, that supermarkets and their customers are missing out on the real beauty of imperfect produce. Have you ever seen a daikon that looked like a tiny person? We have. It was amazing and it’s all thanks to Choice.

They’ve also provided us with plenty of excitement by introducing us to rare and unusual vegetables like calvolo nero and Jerusalem artichokes, and letting us in on a few trade secrets like grading. It turns out that some organic vegetables can be ordered in bulk by size meaning that, alongside other things, we had a delivery of a bouncing box of baby fennel straight to our kitchen!

What’s more, Choice has their warehouse just down the road from us, so our chefs can just nip down the road to check out any new and exciting produce before they decide to use it. Plus, if we ever need to order anything extra from them they can deliver it super-fast.

We love Choice because they and their produce are the real deal. They share our belief in the organic manifesto, the beauty of fresh-from-the-field fruit and vegetables and even our postcode. If that’s not real affinity, we don’t know what is.