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Introducing Mr Organic

Introducing… Mr. Organic

Mr Organic

In our quest to make the food you buy more traceable and the whys and wherefores of the food industry more transparent, we thought we’d introduce you to the guys at (nearly) the top of the Gousto food chain. They’re the people who harvest, pack and supply us with your food.

Mr. Organic, who supply all our tinned ingredients, is one of the most important members of the Gousto network. If they don’t grow it, they don’t pack it, so we don’t cook it and you don’t eat it! Because they play such a big part in deciding what goes into the making of your meals, it’s really important that they share our values and vision for our product, your meals and the future of food.

Fortunately, the people at Mr. Organic are really on our wavelength. As the name suggests, they’re all about cutting out pesticides and harmful hormones in food production and creating a fair and sustainable way of living for their farmers and everyone who eats their food!

Even better, they have their eco-friendly tomato production base right next to their farms in Italy, so they can track each tomato they sell back to the very field it was grown in! How’s that for traceability?

Mr. Organic tomatoes are always processed within a few hours of being harvested to ensure that they keep their flavour and freshness intact and can remain free from added salt, sugar and additives. The same goes for Mr. Organic’s tinned beans, which are cooked and preserved in water and nothing else.

We might also mention that Mr. Organic are actively involved in charitable donations, education and are dedicated to supporting their farmers, but we don’t want to talk them up too much and embarrass them!

The main thing is that Mr. Organic is our kind of guy: a vegetable fanatic with the highest of high standards, dedicated to providing quality and convenience. What’s not to like?