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Guest Post: Ways to Get Nudie

Nudie Snacks premium toasted coconut chips are an all-natural snack that make a great alternative to crisps…but there are so many other ways to Get Nudie! Here’s a few suggestions…

   1. Over a couple of drinks 

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Nudie Snacks coconut chips make a great topping for hot cocoas or almond milkshakes. Whether you enjoy your treats made with milk or dairy-free (we used almond milk, coconut oil, and organic cocoa to make ours), Nudie Snacks adds the perfect coconut kick!

   2. Layer by layer

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Nudie Snacks add a delicious layer to any breakfast yoghurt parfait! Top a couple layers of natural yoghurt sweetened with local honey, granola, and fresh fruit with these toasted coconut chips for a delightful tropical crunch to brighten any dark morning.

   3. Under the covers

nudie snacks blog 2

With winter on the way and the fall television season in full swing, we all need some snacks to hand for a bit of binge-watching. Nudie Snacks coconut chips make a great alternative to that bag of crisps or a great complement to a few pieces of dark chocolate. Spare yourself the spare tire and make some indulgently healthy choices while indulging in a bit of laziness!

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Guest post by Nudie Snacks