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Discover a whole new world of wine and food

Gousto enables discovery of new flavour experiences, and that doesn’t stop at our recipe kits.

We’ve teamed up with award-winning Wine Tour company The Winerist to bring you a unique experience in the heart of  the country’s capital city. Discover Soho, London’s entertainment district and its little-known, rich culinary history.

People moved to Soho from overseas in the 17th century for the cheap housing, bringing with them their unique cuisines. Known for years as the “French Quarter”, amidst the music halls and small theatres Soho offered  international “eating-houses” to those looking for something out of the ordinary.

Soho Food Tour 2

From traditional tastes to some of the newest fusions in the city, modern Soho is the best place to learn about London’s incredible, multicultural food scene.

If authentic eateries and rich folklore  sound like a great day out to you, then you might be interested in winning two tickets to a Soho International Food and Cultural Walking Tour. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll also receive a month’s supply of Gousto meals with which to continue your taste exploration!

Beginning  with breakfast in a tucked-away, historic location, your colourful walk through some of Soho’s oldest and most charming streets will be studded with sumptuous stops for more exquisite tastings. From meats and pastries to tea, wine and beer, enjoy an array of flavour sensations.

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