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Gousto Review: Chelsea Personal Training

At Gousto, we interpret “healthy” to mean eating a well-balanced diet. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great flavours and tastes. Our recipes are designed to be full of flavour, but are also full of good things for you. A few weeks back, food nutritionists Paget & Cole gave two of our most popular recipes the expert’s seal of approval. This week, Agi Rajna from Chelsea Personal Training tried our service. You can read her full review below.

 Chelsea Personal Training

Gousto Review by Chelsea Personal Training

As a Personal Trainer & Pilates instructor, I feel embarrassed to admit that I am lazy in the kitchen. Although I enjoy healthy, nutritious, fresh food, I don’t always have the time to plan and cook evening meals, and usually throw a quick salad together. I had started missing a warm meal in the evenings.

When Gousto approached me recently and offered three recipes to choose from, have the ingredients delivered ready to cook and eat, I couldn’t resist. I made three entirely new dishes either with an ingredient I had never used before (Scarmoza) or an exotic dish I’d never come across (Shakshouka). I was so impressed from the recipe options online, the delivery service itself to the ‘home made’ meal in tummy (including the part where I had to wash, chop, cut, peel and cook) that unbelievably I have continued. You may be wondering why I bothered?

It is without doubt that most of my clients want to lose body fat. However, alongside this, they wish to develop healthy attitudes, thought patterns and habits around food. Our bodies don’t always connect with our minds when it comes to eating a nutrient balanced diet. We favour the salts, sugars and unhealthy fats instead of vegetables and fruits, even though we know what the better option is.

No time for cooking is a poor excuse. Time must be made to eat well and exercise so that we have the energy to live our busy and hectic lives. One without the other is not worth the effort into either. That’s why I bothered.

The Gousto experience didn’t require any planning or thinking about what to have for dinner. In addition, there was no food waste. Unexpectedly, it was also educational!

Thanks Agi for your kind words about our service! You can follow Chelsea Personal Training on Twitter here.