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Spice up your January with nigella seeds

Chef Alice

These little black seeds are one of my all-time favourite ingredients. They are punchy little things – similar, but not the same as, black onion seeds. They come from the buttercup family and have an aromatic scent.

Meadow flowers in grass - buttercup (springtime)

Nigella seeds areĀ used widely in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. You may have come across them baked into naan breads and in chutneys. I like to use them as a garnish for curries, adding instant drama and pockets of flavour. We include them in a carrot and coriander slaw in our Harissa Halloumi sandwich and in other dishes like our Coconut Egg Curry.

They’re also beautiful over our Indian Sweet Potato Chips and Beans

nigella seed recipes: indian sweet potato chips and beans

Love Alice x

Did you know that nigella seeds have a huge range of health benefits? Find out more in our Nigella Seeds: Health Benefits of Black Cumin post.