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Learn Your Herbs – Parsley



Brought over to Britain by the Romans during their rule, parsley is one of Britain’s favourite herbs. Its vibrant colour provides a beautiful garnish while its mild, grassy flavour with woody notes allows accompanying ingredients to really shine. A truly versatile herb, parsley can enhance the flavours in fish, poultry, potatoes, stews, red meats, soups, and salads. Parsley’s stem actually contains more flavour than its leaf, so be sure to chop and chomp them up as well!

Parsley’s use as a garnish began with a long-held belief that its leaves acted as a breath freshener if chewed after a meal. It was thought that this breath freshening quality would even make the smell of garlic disappear from your palate! Not only a kiss enabler, it is also rich in vitamins A, C and K, folate, and minerals such as potassium and iron. Why don’t you try our Harissa Chorizo with White Bean Mash to enjoy parsley in all its glory.

Harissa Chorizo with White Bean Mash

Our tasty Harissa Chorizo with White Bean Mash

Like many herbs, parsley stars in a few folk legends. A major theme is that it is unlucky to transplant a parsley plant. Legends vary in severity of just how unlucky it is ranging from a bit of misfortune here and there, to the extreme: someone in a house near replanted parsley dying shortly thereafter. So… if you’re superstitious, be sure to really think about where you want to plant your parsley because once it’s there, it’s not moving!

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